The Letter episode 8

The Letter
Episode 8 (final episode)

We were both shocked, Diham dead? How can that be? I asked myself.

My Grand mother continued the story “after you and your son left this household, Diham was unable to stop you. He needed to marry you at all cost, It felt like a force was stopping him. immediately I and your father’s speech and sight where restored”, grand mother revealed.

“I can’t believe this, how come I didn’t hear about this?”, My mother replied.

“Because your husband Bilham’s spirit was guarding you and never wanted you to return and face another evil misfortune from Diham”, grandfather replied.

“So where is my father? And how did Diham die?”, I asked curiously.

“Diham died the day your father stepped his foot into this compound, we were all shocked at his return. Till today Bilham has refused to tell us what happened to him and what lead to Diham’s death”, my grandmother revealed.

Before we could comprehend what they where saying, we quickly saw my father Bilham coming out from his chamber fully dressed in his cream attire as the gods chosen one.

The love of golden ornament still remained a tradition in our land and my father is a lover of gold.

As soon as he arrived at the gathering, everyone kept quiet. All eyes where on him, I couldn’t believe my father was alive.

He still looked fresh and strong with all the muscles, if this is the Advantage of being the gods chosen one I will be delighted to be picked my the gods.

My mother was starstruck, she just watched him in tears unable to speak or move just looking at him with so much admiration in her eyes.

My father spoke few words to the people and encouraged them to be good people, some people where curious to know what had happened to him and so he began to reveal.

“Many years ago I went hunting with my late brother Diham, it was one of the happiest moment in my life. I was in a hurry to come home when my life was cut short by Diham using his poisonous dagger and charms on me”, my father revealed.

I could hear so many people whispering and murmuring to one another.

My mother was also shocked to hear such statement, she equally whispered something to grand mother which I couldn’t hear.

“He took my spirit with him and left me in the forest to die, I was carried by the unknown. They tried to save me but my spirit knew no rest or peace, then my son showed up then he was still 4 years old standing beside my wooden bed in the land of the unknown”, he said as he looked at my direction.

My mother and everyone else looked at me confused, wondering how a little child found himself in the thick forest without fear.

I could see the confused expression on my mother’s face but I didn’t mind, it only happened a long time ago.

“My son was instructed to untie my spirit from a familiar tree, so I could come back to life. He is the reason why I am alive, my 4 year old son saved my life and equally didn’t know what he was doing”, my father added.

“What? Chanu you did all of that and you didn’t tell me?”, My mother exclaimed.

“I was told not to reveal anything or else I may loose my life”, I responded.

“The charms Diham did on me backfired the moment he set his eyes on me and it led to his death. I am here to thank the gods for reuniting me and my family once again and restoring peace to my home once more”, he added.

Everyone cheered his name and drums began to beat hard, most people danced and my mother couldn’t help but hug me so tight.

“You are my hero Chanu”, she said while she kissed my forehead.

My father joined us, he hugged my mother tight for a longtime. Tears rolled down their cheek, I found that moment to be emotional and unforgettable.

Being together as one happy family was amazing, I couldn’t believe it. I and my father hugged and greeted like men, he was proud of me and the gods made me the next chosen one.

Life became bigger and better, some years later I had younger ones who looked up to me as their elder brother and hero. They were always told the stories of how I saved my father and journeyed far to another village.

They never took me for granted and I never took them granted, my name is Chanu and this is my story.

The end.
© Tishania Ginikachi

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