The Letter episode 7

The Letter
Episode 7

I really don’t want to go back to my village, am a strong man now. I take good care of my mother and handle our affairs here, I have learnt a new and kind way to live.

Going back to my village is not what I need, I can’t even face my father. How would he look like? What would be his reaction to see a grown boy?

What will I even say to him when I set my eyes on him? So many questions popping through my head and so many things to say.
I thought I lost him forever, what actually happened?

My mother was still in shock, trying to process the news. I could see the fear, shame, guilt and pain on her face and in her eyes.

I didn’t really understand why all this was happening, but I know I will get answers once I step into my village.

My mother was still as Beautiful and fresh, I felt like I was the one getting older while she got younger.

Her beauty is beyond the ordinary eyes, some men in this area had come to seek her hands in marriage but she had turned them down without a good reason.

I knew it was because of my father, she loves him so much and enough not to remarry.

“Mother I don’t want to go back there, something is very fishy”, I said.

“Chanu my lovely son, you have proven to me that you are man. You have grown not just in age or physical appearance but in your heart also, please don’t give up the opportunity of seeing the face of your father once again”, my mother replied.

“Mother thank you for being my mother and the only one that have been my solid rock”, I revealed.

She smiled and began to sing her signature song, she sang for a long time till I slept off on her lap while she stroke my hair.

I couldn’t stop my mother from going, I had to obey her and stand by her.

We journeyed back to our village with all our things with great hope in our hearts.

I was worried that it might be a trap formed by Diham to cage us. I gave everything benefits of doubt and kept my mind open.

We arrived our village after a very long walk, we where tired but my mother was determined to see her husband once again and i didn’t want to kill her joy.

When we arrived our compound so many maids and villager waited for us and welcomed us.

the drummers played so well that I began to dance our traditional steps, it felt like the good old days again.

My grandparents rushed to hug us, that’s when I knew the calamity that befell them had been taken away.

They welcomed us and we ate and drank to our satisfaction, we where eager to see my father. The next thing we heard from my grandfather was “Diham is dead”.

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ยฉ Tishania Ginikachi

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