The Letter episode 6

The Letter
Episode 6

And my mother was made to read it, the way we read letters here in our kingdom is quite strange.

You close your eyes, and the seer will hold your hands to enable his power surge through you so you could be able to read the hand writing of the gods or see what the letter is all about.

I always wished to be a seer, I like the power and how it feels. But my mother always tell me to becareful of the things i wish for sometimes they could be my downfall or my pain.

The seer held my mother’s hands and she was able to read the letter, at this point Diham stopped the ranting and the commotion he was causing.

He stood to watch and find out what the letter said, I was equally eager to know what it meant.

The moment she red the letter it felt like the ground should open and shallow her and everything she held dear to her. I couldn’t understand the tears and pain she felt after reading the letter.

I was eager to to ask her what it was, Diham was asking her what the letter said but she stood there and was crying helplessly.

My grandparents needed to know what was happening, even the crowd in the compound preparing things for the wedding was also eager to know what my mother had seen but my mother didn’t say a word.

She took me by my hands and dragged me out of the compound heading to nowhere. That’s how we started our journey of fate.

We journeyed far and stop somewhere to rest, I was deep in thoughts thinking of my father if he was alive or dead.

I quickly I asked my mother what the letter was all about? But her reply broke my heart.

“Your father sent me his last message, and he wanted us to stay safe. Far away from his brother and loved ones”, my mother replied.

This means my father did not make it, he eventually died and I couldn’t save him.

I cried so hard for the very first time in my life, my mother comforted me and we continued our journey till we got to a certain Village where we were not recognized.

We settled in and began to blend in, we stopped wearing gold ornaments and other expensive materials and started dressing like ordinary people.

We were there for months and months turned into years,I grew so strong and tall like a man. I turned 17 when my mother got a news from someone to come back to the village that my father had returned.

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ยฉ Tishania Ginikachi

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