The Letter episode 5

The Letter
Episode 5

My mother kept asking me so many questions but I refused to answer any of them. I could see how some unknown faces I haven’t seen before crowded the compound to start preparing for the big wedding of my mother and uncle Diham.

I rushed to the tree and began to speak it and spill things on it just the way I was instructed to do it.

My mother kept looking at me in a very confused manner, I didn’t mind, I did all the necessary things and moved away from it.

I could feel some kind of power surging out of the tree for some time and then it stopped.

I quickly ran to my chamber and prayed to the gods, my mother never came around to ask me any questions, it felt like she already knew something and gave me the space I needed.

I kept monitoring the tree since it was facing my window, I kept staring at it till Diham came back from wherever he went to.

It felt like Diham noticed something wasn’t right with the tree, he began to scream down the compound.

My grand parents who where seating outside in front of their chamber, they began to laugh out loud.

Diham was just raging in anger, saying so many thing I didn’t understand, I think my mother understood that’s why she ran into my room looking scared.

“Chanu you have to leave this household right now, I think Diham knows someone tampered with the tree. I don’t want him to know it was you and do something bad to you”, she said crying.

“Mother he won’t do anything to me, please stop crying”, I replied.

She rushed to get brown clothes that matched hers and some other important ornament that belongs to my father. I could see that she had packed some clothes in our famous wrap bag, this means we where going somewhere far away from home.

“Mother where are we going?”, I asked while she was dressing me up.

“Somewhere far away from here, where Diham can not harm us”, she replied wiping away her tears.

“But he won’t do anything to us, please let’s stay here. This is our home, and dads home”, I pleaded.

“Dad is dead, we can’t stay here it’s not safe. We would have left here a long time ago but we kept believing you father will show up here one-day and surprise us”, she replied after dressing me.

“Am sorry mom”, I replied, I couldn’t tell her what I saw I didn’t want anything to happen to me at the cost of saying the truth.

Diham was still screaming and ranting in the compound, trying to know who tampered with the tree close to my father’s chamber.

As soon as we stepped out from my chamber, a letter was delivered to my mother by seer.

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© Tishania Ginikachi

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