The Letter episode 4

The Letter
Episode 4

I went closer to the hut, as they laid my father on the ground and started giving him a tradition treatment known as herbs. My father was so fine like her was just born today, his skin was smooth like his lips without wrinkle.

My father is a very handsome man but this time his more handsome than ever. I called out his name but he did not respond to me, his eyes where shut like he was unconscious.

The older men looked at me and began to wonder who I was, these men where quite different from our villagers. These men had wings on their legs which can probably make them fly and their teeth where made of gold.

Before I could blink twice while talking to them the forest changed into a very beautiful land flowing with milk and honey, I could see Children and woman so Beautiful and perfectly made enjoying theirselves.

It occured to me that the place has been in sight all along but I did not open my eyes to look deeper for it reveal itself.

“Who are you little one?”, One of the men asked me.

“My Chanu and this is my father, we all thought her was died we even did a proper burial for him as he gods chosen one”, I replied as tears rolled down my eyes.

“We know who you are, you father had told us all about you in the spirit realm. Sit and let’s take care of your needs”, the other man said.

“Why is my father not saying anything? Why is he like this?”, I asked while wiping my tears away.

“Your father was shot with a Poisoned Arrow and his spirit was equally tied to a familiar tree if he could be untied on time who will be back on his fit again”, the man said.

“Who shot him?”, I asked.

“A familiar face in your household related by blood did this to him”, the other man muttered.

And then it dawned on me that it must be Diham because it was just the both of hem who visited the forest to hunt that faithful day.

“Please can you help my father, he needs to be alive for us. My mother hasn’t been herself since he left and his brother is bent on getting married to her in two days”, I said jumping on my feet like a child.

“Little one calm down, like I said his spirit is tied to a familiar tree of which you may know if you could do a simple ritual to untie his spirit then he will come back to life”, the man said.

“Okay I will help, I find the tree just tell me what to do”, I replied.

Once I was told, I was fully ready to journey back home and complete the task ahead and bring my father back to life. I was in a hurry to get home a spill the good news to my mother and my grandparents but the old men stopped me from doing that.

“When you get home don’t tell anyone what you saw here, if you do you may loose your tongue or you life. This beautiful land has been in existence for ages, no one has ever seen us only the pure in heart who have managed to see what we look like but never mention what you saw and the great news to anyone or your mother it has to be a secret till you have accomplished the mission”, the other man said.

I began to process all he had said to me, before I could blink twice I found myself on the path leading to my house, I saw my mother pacing round the compound and I could tell see was worried.

When she quickly saw me she rushed to hug me, she began to ask me questions that I was told not to answer or reveal the truth.

“Chanu where did you go? I have been looking for you?”, My mother asked.

“Talk to me, did you meet anyone or see anything beyond your explanation”, my mother asked.

I wasn’t sure on what to answer at that point, I was about speaking when I saw a very big tree close to my father’s chamber where Diham loved to seat and speak some incantations and then he dawned on me that it was the tree I was looking for.

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