The Letter episode 3

The Letter
Episode 3

We both walked swiftly to our chambers as Diham kept shouting and ranting in anger. My mother fell on her knees crying and whaling in pain to the gods to smile on her.

“Mother do you think uncle killed father?”, I asked.

“Chanu I really dont know but I know the gods will never leave whoever is behind your father’s death to go unpunish”, Bilna replied.

“I have a strong feeling uncle killed father”, I replied.

“Shhhhh, Chanu don’t speak anymore it’s okay”, my mother consoled.

I didn’t say anything that evening, I quickly prepared my bed and slept off. The next morning was another day I wouldn’t forget my entire life, I and my mother woke up the public invitation Diham gave to the villager about himself and my mother getting married in two days.

My mother was disgusted about how Diham was too fast in throwing himself at her. I was sad about the whole thing, my father just got buried and now my uncle is planning on getting married to my mother.

I never liked uncle but all this was too much for us to bare, my mother ran out to confront Diham about his invitation to the villagers.

“Why will you do this? My husband just got buried. You are his brother, can’t you see?”, My mother yelled.

“Who are you to tell me what to do? You have no say in whatever is going on, we will get married and that’s final and besides your husband is dead there is nothing you can do about it”, diham replied leaving my mother alone.

My mother cried her eyes out, people around the village has Started making mockery of her. People have already given her bad name without knowing what was going on in our family.

Each time I go to my grandparents chamber I weep, they where the only ones that could put a stop to what was happening but there present predicament was preventing it.
They knew all that where happening but couldn’t do anything, they haven’t gotten their sight and voices hasn’t been restored.

I kept praying to the gods to interven, I didn’t even have the urge to play as a child anymore. I became a man at an Early age, and I began to see all my mother was saying before the death of my father.

I went for a walk later in the evening, my head was clouded and I couldn’t think straight.
I walked deep into the bushes, deeper and deeper into the bushes. My head and mind clouded with thoughts, and I didn’t realize that I was lost.

I didn’t even realize where I was, I started walking back the way I came from but it was in vain as if I was going deeper in the Bush. Infact it wasn’t a bush but forest, I started crying knowing that I was only a small boy.

My mother would be worried and I didn’t want her to be, I tried to find my way just like my father had taught me before. I did everything like he would and boom I found myself close to a hut, a familiar hut.

Somewhere I think I had been before, I walked closer to the hut not expecting to see anyone. As I got closer I saw my father been carried in a wooden bed by two older men and I was shocked.

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ยฉ Tishania Ginikachi

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