The Letter episode 2

The Letter
Episode 2

I loved my father so much, I couldn’t imagine life without him. He was everything I wanted and I believe if he had not gone to hunt with his brother this would have not happened.

My mother spent all her days indoor without eating or drinking. She cried day and night calling out for the one she loves, calling out Bilham’s name.

This irritated Diham each time he wants to get close to her door to comfort her. My grandfather couldn’t talk after he heard the news it felt like someone took his voice, my grandmother could hardly see again after hearing the news.

The news spread like wild fire, everyone in the neighboring village had heard what happened to my father. Thy began to mourn for him, the search for my father’s body began.

Preparation for my father’s burial had began, my grand parents where kept on the lock and key for days in other to speak to the gods to restore there voice and sight.

White attire became everyone’s favourite colour since my father died. We accompanied the white attire with gold accessories, our village loved gold jewels and anything made of gold. It felt like our second god was gold.

We had lots of gold till we didn’t know what to do with it anymore. The room of my father became my fortress, all that mattered to me was gone since I heard the death of my father.

The search of my father’s body came to an end since they couldn’t find his body. Some people believed the wild beast ate every part of his body, while some people believed my father must have been swallowed by a python.

So many rumor went round the village, my mother became pale due to too much crying and thinking. The said when the gods chosen one dies the power will surge through the wife to continue his peaceful and kind act.

My mother never felt any power, she tried to seek he face of the gods to know if they have fulfill there wish to give her the powers and strength of her husband but there was no answer. It could only mean two things either Bilham is alive or still trying to survive.

The burial finally happened without my father’s body, they only buried his photos and other ornaments of my father. After the burial the real face of Diham showed, we never knew what peace was anymore.

Diham claimed everything my father owned since my father was no more. Beside I was the rightful owner of everything my father Bilham owned, but Diham never wanted to be challenged. He took everything, my grand father couldn’t say anything since his voice hasn’t been restored.

At the other hand my grandmother’s sight hasn’t been restored, we tried to plead with the gods for his mercy but it felt like they have turned a blind eyes on us.

My mother summoned courage one-day to speak to diham one evening I was standing behind her, she walked to his chamber where he was seated like a king besides the chamber belongs to my father Bilham but Diham claimed it and made the place to his liking.

“Greetings Diham, hope your enjoying your stay in my husband’s chamber”, My mother Bilna said.

“Why won’t I enjoy my stay? Besides all of this belongs to me now. Very soon you will belong to me”, Diham replied.

“I will not be yours, I only belong to Bilham”, Bilna replied.

“Bilham is no more, he has been buried and forgotten. You have to put up with me if you want to enjoyed every previliage here”, Diham thundered.

“Beside that’s not why am here, I came to ask you when you will be releasing the barns, farm lands and the cattles for i and my son to fend for ourselves since you have claimed all that belongs to my husband”, Bilna echoed.

Diham looked at her like she was crazy “you have no right as a woman to ask for such, you and your son has every right to eat whatever you want and get whatever you need in this household. But you have no right to own anything”, Diham replied standing up from seat beside the bed.

“Why exactly do you want? You know that all Bilham owns belongs to my son and you still swept everything right from our hands”, Gilna muttered.

“I want you Gilna, everything I have ever wanted is you, you and you. If it takes me to kill hundred men to get you I will”, Diham replied yelling.

Then it struck me that Diham must have done something to my father for him to had made such comment. My mother looked at me in shock and I looked back at her, I pulled my mother’s dress and she understood that we had to leave to our chamber.

“Diham you are out of your mind, I will never be with you. Even in my next life I will never grew to love or create fondness for a man like you”, Bilna yelled before stepping out.

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