The last girl episode 5


“You have a child as old as I am and you want to have s*x with me…”

Tears wouldn’t allow her to finish the statement, and Esther cracked into tears sobbing.

“When will this problem be over? Everywhere I turned, men are either ready to rape me or pay me for s*x. ”

Esther was the portrayal of figure-eight. She was dark, bursty, not short or tall. She just had that eight-like shape, the way many men would want it. Her long hair was a point of envy to her females.

That morning, she was in dam broke. Nobody to supper her.

She didn’t know bar father. She was a product of rape.

Her mother died in labour.

Her aunt who became her mother also died in child labour.

Her step Daddy attempted to rape her but she escaped.

Her boyfriend attempted to do the same thing.
From the look of things, money wouldn’t be a problem, the guy had money, but he wanted her body.

Even a vigilante who was supposed to protect her wanted to take advantage of her while they walked alone in the night.

She refused to go home, she had been living alone and she had no home as far as she was concerned.

She had managed for days, but it was now beyond control.

Yet, her shape would not stop captivating men.

She slept the previous night with sorrow on how to resolve the situation.

The mood woke her up as early as around 3 am. It was embarrassing, she wept and wet her pillow. When it was getting to daylight, she started praying and slept off.

She woke up with the thought of going to a restaurant and seeking help. She couldn’t understand how the thought came, but she just found it on her mind so strongly.

What would she do at the restaurant? To go beg or what? She didn’t know, but she left the house for a restaurant that had many waitresses.

She met the Madam, the owner, explained her condition and begged to be allowed to wash plates or be a waitress.

The Madam rejected her that she didn’t need anyone and asked her to go out while she attended to customers who wanted to pay.

She left the restaurant with a depressed heart, but there was this strong feeling that she would receive help around that place.

As she was leaving the restaurant, an elderly man caught up with her. The man heard the conversation she had with the Madam inside the restaurant

“Sorry, my dear, I feel your pain. Come inside the car…”

Her countenance changed, and the car the man pointed at was Benz, 4matic.

“She was initially scared but she thought, this is an old man.

She opened the car’s front door gently and sat as though Mary wanted to tell Joseph she was pregnant as a virgin by the Holy Spirit.

The man looked at Esther, “I don’t know how much you need, but how much per night?”

Esther grimaced when she heard “How much per night.”

“Sir?” She asked with her mouth open.

Esther knew what it meant but she couldn’t believe her ears.

“Look, Pretty, no matter what you need, I will take care of it. Should we go now or overnight?”

“You probably have a child as old as I am. Do you want to have s*x with me before you help me or…”

Her tears wouldn’t allow her to finish the statement, she burst into tears. She attempted to open the car door which had been locked.

“Please unlock the door,” she said like a warning with teary red eyes.

The man, “I am sorry, I am sorry…” he kept saying resting his hands on the stirring.

“Let me go,” Esther demanded almost yelling.

The man quickly pulled out an envelope from the car safe, without counting or removing any money, he used his two hands to stretch the money to Esther.

The man attempted to kneel in the car but could not, he just kept saying, “I am sorry…”

Esther covered her face with her hands for some seconds.

The man touched her shoulder.

She yelled! “Open the door, let me go!

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Written by 👉 👉 Tosin Ezekiel

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