The last girl episode 4


Daddy grabbed her by the neck and pushed her to the bed.

He pinned her left hand down with his right leg while she struggled with her right hand.

In a jiffy, he had untied the towel around his waist. He was naked. He unwrapped Esther too, like a banana.

Only her tight shorts were pulled to her knee level. They struggled on the small bed.

But he overpowered her. Both hands were now under his knees, but he was still unable to do it. Her thighs were tightly knitted.

Esther was already tired. She gave up.

“Good, I won’t hurt you, I promise.” Daddy said like a warning. Esther nodded in agreement.

He gave her a chance to adjust herself for the act. Esther’s hand touched the knife her boyfriend used the previous night. It was between the wall and the student’s size bed.

She grabbed it and stabbed Daddy by his thigh; unfortunately, it hit him by his left thigh, with his balls narrowly escaping his rod.

A little water dropped from Daddy’s ball, and blood gushed from his thigh. He screamed in pain.

Esther quickly pushed him from over her and made her way to the door, adjusting his shorts from her knees up. Unfortunately, the door was locked.

Daddy had locked the door. Esther stood transfixed with the knife in her hand.

“Give me the key or I will…” she burst into tears.

“I am sorry, Daddy, I am sorry. It was a mistake.”

Daddy didn’t respond; he held his wound with the towel while panting.

Esther saw the key on the chair. She grabbed it and made for the door again.

For a minute, she could not open it. She tried to open it while turning incessantly, thinking Daddy would come for her.

Daddy didn’t get up from the bed. She opened it and dashed out of the room with only shorts.

Outside, she grabbed a shirt spread on the rope and made her way to the gate. The thought of going to the other apartment came, but what would she tell the lady there?

She buttoned the shirts and fled. She was going to enter the school that way and stay in one of the classes. The school was about two kilometres away.

She had walked for about a kilometre when she met three vigilantes by the junctions. They flashed their touch at her. As if the light had forces, Esther fell. They ran towards her. One of them opened his water bottle and poured it on her.

“I am okay, I am okay,” she said, trying to button the shirt as the guys stared at her half-opened chest.

Head Vigilante: Where are you going at this time?

“School, school, school,” she said, panting and covering her chest as one of them was out.

Head Vigilante: Where is your hostel?

“Queen hostel.”

She told a lie that she left a book at school that she must read for her exams. But her look was suspicious. The head vigilante thought she might be having a mental problem or trying to attempt suicide. He asked one of the two men with him to lead her back to the hostel.

Esther and the Vigilante walked halfway. Then the vigilante assigned was lost in thought; he thought Esther was a hookup girl coming from a party or from a boy’s room after some rounds.

Esther staggered as she walked.

He watched her.
“He must have been drugged,” the vigilante thought. He held her by the shoulder gently. “Sorry, sorry,” he kept saying.

Esther stumbled. The vigilante flashed his torch.

As she bent to rub her legs, the vigilante caught a glimpse of her breast.

“Oh, fresh!” He thought, “She has no bra. I knew she was coming from a boy’s room.”

They kept moving. He started caressing Esther on her shoulder as though massaging her.

They got to a narrow path. There were gutters in each side.

Esther was in the front while the man followed behind with his torch flashing directly on her waist down.

“Be careful; don’t fall,” he said, moving his hand to hold her waist.

Esther turned and pushed him with full force; he fell into the gutter. Esther thought it was another attempt

She ran, leaving the vigilante struggling in the mud….****

Written by 👉 👉 Tosin Ezekiel

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