The last girl episode 3


“I feel like I am leaving,” she said, shrinking her face in pain. Esther came close and stood by her bed. For the first time, she told her, ”
“I am not your mother.”

Esther could not believe her ears; she held Lilla tightly. “Who, who, who?” You have never told me about my father, and Mummy, you are telling me you aren’t my mother while you are in pain. Mummy, let’s talk about it later. This is not the time.”

Lilla smiled faintly and said, “I am sorry, but I don’t feel like I will make it./I feel my time is over.”

“Mummy, stop, stop it, mummy.” “I can’t wait to see the beautiful boy in your tummy.”

Lilla asked Esther to bring her ear to her mouth. Esther kneeled as Lilla whispered words to her for a minute.

Either rolled her eyes occasionally as she tried to understand what Nilla was saying.

But the whole words made little sense.

“Mummy, you are pain, that’s you are saying this.”

No response.
Esther looked back at Lilla, Lilla’s eyes were wide open staring at the ceiling fan.

“Mummy! Mummy!”

The nurses came in, dragged Esther out and quickly wheeled Lilla to the theatre.

Nilla was dead already!

They performed the operation and took the baby out; it was a girl.

Esther waited in the reception while a fair nurse held her.

The nurse was chubby and fair. You could see the traces of her underwater behind the white dress.

She pressed Esther’s head against her fleshy chest.

Suddenly, Daddy came out of the doctor’s office crying. They have not told Esther that Lilla was no more.

As Daddy came out crying, Esther grabbed the chubby nurse and nearly turned her naked.

She rolled on the floor, and nobody could hold her. The news of Lilla’s death entered Esther’s brain; she scattered the whole hospital reception.

They thought it was for a while, but after three days, she was admitted to psychiatry. Esther was running mad. Even after she was discharged, she was not the same.

A new phase has begun, the one where Esther never had a close friend. Daddy took care of the new baby in the most expensive way.

Although Esther wished she could nurse the baby. Because of what Nilla said to Esther on her deathbed, Esther was sceptical about Daddy. But she didn’t tell anyone what Nilla told her.

Life went on for Esther; it was a strange life, one that didn’t appear real. She felt lonely.
She didn’t know her real mother. The one she called mother had passed away. She didn’t know her father either. Although Daddy took good care of her.

Things were getting smoother until Esther was at level 300 at school. It almost happened again.

The boy Esther had been going out with visited her. The boy was the first good thing Esther thought had happened to her after Nilla passed away.

They had a good time until it was late at night and the guy wanted to force her.

Suddenly he brought out a little knife.
“Allow me, or I will kill you.”

He overpowered her, tore her clothes, and threw her on the bed.

Esther surrendered rather than dying.

Suddenly, just before he pulled off his boxers, there was a knock on her door.

The little knife fell in between the bed and the wall. The guy picked up his clothes, opened the door, and ran.

Daddy rushed in! Esther was naked. She quickly dressed without saying a word.

Daddy’s eyes showed disappointment. The look could be interpreted as, “So I have been spending my money on you to be doing this?”

“Can you tell what must have happened?” Daddy demanded.

Esther started explaining to make him understand, but the more he explained, the more Daddy got angry.

Even though he saw how everything was scattered in the room, he refused to believe it.

Esther kneeled and begged him.

It was late that night, and Daddy decided to sleep over until the next day.

He went to his car and brought out a food package he bought for Esther.

But Esther would not eat. Daddy did everything to make her eat, but she wouldn’t. Esther had doubts about Daddy.

Esther slept on the bed while Daddy sat on the armchair until he fell asleep.

At night, around 3 a.m., Daddy woke up and asked for the bathroom. He showered and came out tying Esther’s towel.

He sat on the chair again. After some minutes, he stood and slept beside Esther on the student’s size bed.

Esther vibrated like she was shocked. The shock of the previous night was still on her.

Daddy’s body could touch Esther’s body.
Esther sat on the bed to give Daddy more space. But he rolled on her, placing his hand at her waist from the front.

Esther tried to stand, but Daddy pinned her down to the bed.


Esther said she was asking a question.***

Watch out for episode 4

Written by 👉 👉 Tosin Ezekiel

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