The girl on rag episode 7

The girl on Rag

Episode 7

A jikson Chidex Story.

it is time we act. Tamara; the girl on Rag said

I watched my new boss hurriedly drive out with his car.

Audu opened the gate immediately his car started.

He drove out and audu locked the gate.

I turned to go to where audu was.

Where are you going to? the girl on rag asked me.

I want to know what’s really going on. I told her in low tune.

There’s no need for that. We are running out of time. Tamara, the girl on rag said.

The gate man was looking at my moving unsteady lips.

Keep quiet. the gate man is already suspecting us. I told Tamara.

I looked at her Face and noticed she wasn’t happy seeing me going to meet the gateman to find out what was really going on.

Howfa. audu. right? I asked the gate man.

I think say you don dey mad as you dey talk to yourself. the gate man said in pidgin.

its not like that, I was surprised how oga hurriedly left the house. I told him.

I don’t really know what happened, maybe its an urgent business matter. the gateman said.

I looked at him surprised.

He noticed the surprise on my face.

Don’t be like that, I’m a graduate, its circumstance that made me a gateman.
audu said.

Interesting . I said.

Will he be back today? because after I’m done with my work here. I will be leaving. I said.

I saw surprise written all over his face, when i said that.

Leaving to where? You will be staying here for the weekend. that’s what the boss said.

I’m not even sure he will be back till the next two days. the gate man said.

I didn’t know that. I told the gateman.

Weren’t you informed by your agency? the gateman asked.

I, I, I. I stammered.

You need time to flex? its normal.. I also make out time to flex ones in a while since the boss is not always around. the gateman said.

OK. That will be nice. I said.

Less I forget, there’s a House Rule book about the apartment on the table when you get into the apartment. audu added

I will be going to start work now. I said and went to the house.

Don’t forget to bring food here when you are done cooking. the gate man shouted as I opened the apartment door to enter.

I entered the apartment, it was really a well furnished apartment.

Immediately I entered the apartment, on top of the table, I saw a book title “House Rules”.

We should start searching now. Tamara the girl on rag. said.

Calm down, where do you know we are searching? we just got here. we shouldn’t create any suspicion. Remember we have a day or two to do whatever we want. I told tamara the girl on rag.

I’m really getting inpatient. she said.

i can see that, but at the same time, you need to relax. I gat you. I told her

I carried the book to read, but then my phone rang.

I checked; it was my girlfriend Olivia.

I picked up the call.

Hello babe. Olivia said over the phone.

Babe. I said.

Are you in already? Olivia asked.

Yes babe. but there’s a problem. I told Olivia.

What’s that? she asked.

Seems like he already called for a house help from an agency, and he thinks I am the house help sent from the agency. I said

That’s a big problem. Olivia said.

Thats not even all, I’m expected to stay and work here for 7days; and he is not even around. He hurriedly left the house this morning to God knows where. I said

Thats crazy. You need to leave that house ayo. Olivia said with a worried voice.

I’m already in; babe. I will quickly look for the secret room, snap some evidence and leave the house. I told her over the phone.

Do you know that he has a book titled “house rules, and he kept It for me to read. I told Olivia.

That’s weird. Olivia said.

I know right. I replied

Please don’t get caught Ayo. I literally can not take it. Olivia said.

I won’t get caught Babe. I said.

I love you. Olivia said.

I love you too. I replied.

I hung up the call, I looked at the House rule book I have on my hand.

It was too bulky, I had to drop it back on the table and I started searching the rooms.

After I searched the first room, I paused and turned to Tamara the girl on Rag.

Wait, can’t you just show me the secret room? Like save me the stress of searching all this plenty rooms. I said.

Ayo for the 100th time. I’m a ghøst, not a supernatural being. she told me

I d!ed before he even took me the room. I don’t know the room. Tamara replied.

I looked at her and looked at the many rooms I will search, both upstairs and downstairs.

Do you know for a ghøst looking for help, you are too.. what will I even call It. arrogant. You have to be calming down when you talk to me. I told Tamara, the girl on Rag.

I’m sorry, I raised my voice at you. Tamara said

This is going to be stressful and Time consuming than I expected. I said to myself.

I started searching.

I searched up to 5 rooms downstairs and there was nothing there.

I took a break.

Why will one man live in this big house alone… I asked tamara rhetorically.

I went upstairs, went to his bedroom, toilet, kitchen, I searched and searched. I found nothing.

I was about searching the last room, when I heard a car horn from outside.

To be continued….

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