The girl on rag episode 6

The girl on Rag

Episode 6

A jikson Chidex Story.

I took my phone and googled “Easiest way to cast out ghøst from your home”.

Ayochidi please I was used by the man who calls himself my fiancé for ritúal, and you are the last man who can see me. All I ask is for help to let my family know that my body hasn’t been buried yet. the girl on rag pleaded.

I paused from what I was googling.

I just want to rest in peace, if I ain’t buried my ghøst will still be roaming about in the surface of this earth. she said.

I took a deep breath; do you know you are literally disturbing me? my privacy, my mental health. Everything. I told Tamara the girl on rag.

I know you are a kind man ayo, and I also know that you håte injustices. Please help me. she pleaded.

I took a bite of the food I was eating.

What’s she saying? jide asked me.

Still same old. That I should help her. I told jide.

Are you not just going to find a way to cåst her out? permanently? jide asked.

Chill bro, let me hear what she has to say.

What is your plan now? I asked Tamara.

He is currently looking for a house help. I want you to apply. before she could complete the statement. I cut her short.

Are you insåne? are you normal? Where have you seen in Nigeria that a full grown man is given the work of house help when different ladies are in the country. I just knew that you had no plans. I said..

Ayochidi, please listen to me. He will employ you, since I knew him he hasn’t employed a female house help. tamara said.

Is he gåy? I asked.

Nope, at first i thought it was because he loves me and doesn’t want to make me insecure. she said.

And now? I asked her.

But now I guess, I’m not his only ritual victim, so he doesn’t want any suspect, you know like one day if he eventually employ a lady, she will go to his house and not return. All eyes will be on him. so he prefers male house help. Tamara said.

Madam, I’m not even looking at your pity face, what you are asking of me is above my power. Me Ayochidi? house help? men!!! I can’t just do it. I’m even imagining the stuff now. I can’t. I said.

Ayo please, you are just going to work there for a few days, then I tell you where he kept the body, you snap it and take it to my family and the carryout from there. tamara said.

Your family? even if I’m going to do this. I’m not involving your family again.

Your family that is already bought with money? naah. I will handle it my own way. I said.

Is that a yes? Tamara asked looking semi excited.

I looked at her and looked at Olivia and Jide.

For me to have my peace and for you to stop disturbing me. I will do it. I said.

So tomorrow morning. I will go and apply for the work. I said.

After the conversation and we finished eating our meal. Jide went home, and I retired to my bed with Olivia.

While on the bed.

Are you really sure; you want to do this? Olivia asked me.

Yah, I want to do this, maybe to just explore my self or just have a peace of mind. I said

Olivia took a deep breath and we went to sleep.

The following morning, after we woke up. it was already 8:30am and Tamara the girl on Rag was waiting for me in the living room.

I took my bath, dressed up, ate and followed her to the house she directed me to.

When we got to the house.

Your boyfriend must be very rich. I told Tamara.

He is a ritúalist. Tamara said.

Have you always known that he is a rituålist? I asked Tamara as we were still facing the big house.

I didn’t know at first, but then I started having my suspicion. she said

When it became too obvious that I was suspecting something, that was when he used me. Tamara said.

So sorry about that. I said.

We got to the gate and knocked.

The gateman opened the gate.

The new house keeper? he asked.

Yes. I replied. .

Always the remember gate when you finish cooking o. The gateman said.

I smiled at him and headed to the mansion.

When I got the the main house, cars were parked everywhere.

I took a deep breath and knocked.

I saw a young man in his early 30s opened the door to me.

He was already dressed, seems like he was heading somewhere.

You must be the house help sent by the agency. he asked looking hurried.

Feel at home, I have a flight to catch, Audu will get you settled, when I come back. we will talk more. he said and took his bag to the car.

Audu open the gate. he shouted at his gate man.

It is time we act. Tamara; the girl on Rag said.

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