The girl on rag episode 5

The girl on Rag

Episode 5

A jikson Chidex Story.

I don’t know how he deceived my family to believing that I have already been buried. Tamara The girl on Rag said with tears in her eyes.

I was confused, I didn’t know what to say at the moment.

Babe; tamara is here again, her family people says she has already been búried. I told Olivia.

But I thought you said she said, her body was still in her ritúalist boyfriend house. Olivia said

Yah, she claims she hasn’t been buried and her body was still in her boyfriend house. I told Olivia.

This is confusing. What do we do now? Olivia asked me

I dont know What to believe any more? I told Olivia.

You know I don’t even know if to believe you Tamara..

Don’t get me wrong, but you always get things wrong. I said and turned to Tamarw

Remember the last time you told me that the man on the graduation was an Army General; but he ended up been an ordinary army man.

Don’t get me wrong, but you might already been buried as you family claims.

Maybe you are just getting everything wrong. I told Tamara.

Ayochidi, my body is still in my boyfriend house.; behind close doors. I know what I’m saying, this is no guess. Tamara said.

You might still be wrong. I said.

You don’t believe me? Tamara asked me.

With the way you get things wrong. What do you expect me to believe? what would you have me do? I asked Tamara, the girl on rag.

I saw tears in her eye, she didn’t say anything. she just disappeared.

I don’t know what to do. I told Olivia.

Like this girl is literally frustrating my life. I said.

Just then I heard a knock on my door.

I went and opened the door.

It was jide my friend.

Bro howfa. I greeted jide.

Food dey this house so? jide asked in pidgin.

How is work na? I asked jide.

Tired bro. Like I was expecting you to come to the studio after your ghøst walker. jide said.

Guy, That ghøst girl is literally disturbing me, frustrating me, can you imagine after following this girl to her family house to explain everything to her family, she came back here and was telling me that her family thinks I’m not normal or something that she has already been buried. I told jide.

She has already been buried? How is that your business now? jide asked me.

Nna ehhn I tire ooo. I really don’t know what she want me to do now. I said.

Olivia already went to get food from the kitchen.

I and jide sat on the cushion.

I have been hearing of this ghøst stories and all that, i have seen it on movies I don’t know that its real. jide said.

Olivia brought the food she made to the dinning..

Immediately she dropped the food.

Babe I was thinking Its time we involve a pastor in this. Olivia said while sharing the food for us.

I have been also been thinking about that, if we really want this girl to stop disturbing you; because she won’t allow you rest if we don’t cast her out. jide said.

Well, she left willingly this Time, I’m sure she is not coming back. I told them.

What if she comes back, she is taking away your mental health Babe. Olivia said.

I know; but she isn’t coming back again. I’m sure of that. I told.

We started eating, as we were eating, Tamara the girl on rag appeared again.

Ayochidi, I have searched, I have searched, but no one could see. You are my last hope ayo. please help me to rest in peace. Tamara the girl on Rag pleaded

Immediately I saw her and she finished saying what she was saying.

I took my phone and googled “Easiest way to cast out ghøst from my home”.


To be continued….

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