The girl on rag episode 4

The girl on Rag

Episode 4

A jikson Chidex Story.

I became really emotional when she appeared and thanked me again.

You don’t have to worry yourself. I said. I Will do the best I can. I said

The next morning, Tamara the girl on Rag; appeared as early as possible in my house.

Cindy the dog started barking immediately, she saw her.

I had to wake up and go to the living room and saw tamara there.

Is this how you disturb? I asked Tamara.

I looked at the wall clock and checked the time.

This is 7:00am. I said.

Is it too early? she asked.

Nooo, its too late. Don’t you have a boyfriend that side? I asked.

Really? she asked

Don’t really me. At least get boyfriend that would be cuddling you that side, make you stop to disturb me anyhow. I told her.

Ayo!!! are you up already? Olivia called from the bedroom.

Yah. babe let me quickly take my bath and head out.. This girl don’t want me to rest. I said from the living room.

You can Turn on the TV and watch Big brother naija. I told the girl on rag and headed straight to the bathroom.

Wow. really? he had to do that again. tamara said and sat on my couch.

I quickly took my bath.

Olivia was already in the kitchen she I finished bathing.

I dressed up and came to kitchen.

Smells nice babe. I said.

Yah. just give me some minutes, I will be done. she said.

Babe when I’m back. I will eat. I said and pecked Olivia.

Just give me a little time babe. Olivia said.

Can’t wait I said; and went to the door.

Be safe. Olivia shouted from the kitchen.

I love you too. I replied

Tamara. oya. come and show me road.

I removed my phone and called jide.

Bro howfa…

Abeg come to the shop early to print those graduation pictures. I said on the phone.

I’m going to the ghøst girl’s house to tell her family everything she told me. I said told jide.

After discussing with jide on the phone. I hung up the call.

Let me quickly buy soft drink from this provision shop. I told the girl on rag.

I went to the shop; I was still buying the drink; when someone touched me.

I turned and I saw a heavily bodied man behind me.

I looked down and saw the little girl that cried when I ate her food on the graduation.

Good morning sir. I greeted.

My heart was shaking heavily.

Are you not the friend of the guy that snapped us in the graduation yesterday? he asked me.

Which friend? I asked.

He describe jide.

Yes I am.. I replied

You will go to our shop, later in the day sir. I said

He already describe shop. I will come later. he said.

I thanked him.

This is my wife shop. You can as well tell him to bring the pictures here. If I don’t come. he said.

No problem sir. I said

I collected what I bought and left the shop.

Are you going to eat? I removed one chin chin and gave to the girl on rag.

Why must you always do this? she asked.

Is it bad to share? I asked her.

I thought you said, he was an army man, the man I ate his daughter’s food in the graduation yesterday. I asked Tamara.

He is. As he told you, he came to spend time with his family, this is not his posting place. Tamara the girl on rag said.

But you said he was a general and I would see my worst. If he caught me. I asked still eating.

Maybe I got it wrong. Listen ayo, I’m a ghøst not a supernatural being. Can we focus on the focus? she said

I swallowed the chin chin in my mouth.

madam don’t shout at me. You didn’t pay me for this. I’m doing this willingly.. see authority o. I said.

I’m sorry. she said.

She told me to stop a bus; which I did.

We entered the bus and headed to her house.

30 minutes later we were already at her compound.

It was really hard, but I just had to do It.

I introduced my self to the family, and i told them exactly what Tamara told me.

After everything, the family told me that they have heard.

It was just, her Uncle and aunt. I met.

I heard the mother was sick. so I didn’t bother disturbing her.

The girl on Rag thanked me for doing this for her.. even though she was a total stranger.

I found myself back home.

I told jide and Olivia how everything went.

In the night while my eyes was glued watching TV, tamara appeared again.

I saw tears In her eyes.

I don’t know how he deceived my family to believing that I have already been buried. Tamara The girl on Rag said with tears in her eyes.

To be continued….

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