The girl on rag episode 3

The girl on Rag

Episode 3

Upon hearing that;I froze for some minutes.

So sorry about that. I told the girl on rag.

My girlfriend was still lost in confusion.

Ayo are you okay? she kept asking on and on.

Why will your boyfriend do that? Who would húrt such a pretty girl? I asked.

I was already emotional.

For riches. He apparently did it for the wealth, and now he doesn’t want my body búried.

Ayochidi, I want to rest in peace. The girl on rag said.

Just then I saw jide in front of me.

Guy when did you come? I asked jide shocked.

Jide why are behaving like this? I thought you were joking when you said you saw a ghøst in the graduation. jide told me.

Ghøst? Olivia asked surprised.

Is the ghøst here? is it the one you have been talking to? Olivia asked shaking

I nodded to yes.

Ayo, I told you I don’t like this house, let’s park out. How can a ghøst be living here? Olivia said shaking…

Stop been dramatic. And you stop barking. I shouted at cindy(the dog).

She shook her tail and ran to Olivia.

Don’t scaring my baby, don’t shout at her next time. Olivia said.

Babe, just go and finish what you were doing in the kitchen. I said.

Olivia took Cindy with her to the kitchen.

Guy!! what’s going to happen now? Jide asked me as we sat on the cushion on my parlor.

I don’t know. I said.

Haven’t she told you anything yet? jide asked me.

Anything Like what? I asked.

So technically since you are the only one that can see it. (I cut jide short).

Its a her. She, female. I said.

okay, okay, So since you are the only one that can see her, she is supposed to tell you to help her with something. jide said.

I was looking at jide with “how do you know eye”.

Don’t look at me like that, It happens on nollywood movies every time. jide said.

Does this one seems like a movie? I asked jide.

You wouldn’t know.

She said her boyfriend k!lled her for money. I told jide.

Jide was calm.

Ain’t you surprised? I asked jide.

Surprise about what? guy!! like ritualism is increasing on daily basis, majority of boys now wants fast money and most of the girls always prefer to date the richer guys even without knowing the source of the wealth. I’m not surprised ayochidi. jide said.

Minutes later. Olivia brought out tray to serve us food.

I opened the food, almost immediately, she brought it to the dinning.

Wow egusi and semo; Babe, I thought you wanted cooking spaghetti. I asks Olivia.

I was angry that you shouted at cindy, so I used my anger to prepare egusi soup for us.

Awwwwnn.. I’m sorry I shouted at OK baby. I stood up and pecked her.

Daddy Is sorry. Olivia told cindy and cindy jerked up in excitement.

I go love o, Ayo abeg oooo.. No ever dream to breåk up with our wife, if not I will unfriend you and become friend with her new boyfriend. Jide said laughing.

Was that supposed to be a joke? I asked him

Oya na, you have dropped my camera abi? come and be going. I told jide.

Oya. its okay. I know your plan. foodlum. jide said.

I no blame you. I told jide.

Minutes later, Olivia came to join us on the dinning.

Please can you help me tell my family? the girl on rag. pleaded.

I stared at her for some seconds, then turned to my friend.

She wants me to go and tell her family that her boyfriend used her to ritúal. I told jide.

Go na. jide said. At least she would stop disturbing you. jide said.

You don high abi? I asked jide.

Tamara girl. The thing is that,I would have loved to go, but I have a business to run. I have a studio, I cant live It for one random ghøst errands. I told her.

You can go, I will take care of the studio tomorrow. Jide said.

Babe, I think that you should just go and meet her family and explain the whole thing, so that we would go back to our normal lives. Olivia said.

I looked at Olivia and jide, then I looked at tamara.

What have you done to my friend’s? I asked her.

We at okay, we just thought since she has been pressuring you. you should be her super hero; so that she can rest in peace. Olivia said.

This is not Hollywood. I told Olivia.

Do this for me babe. she added.

I turned back to tamara.

I’m all ears. I said.

She gave me the location of her family house and told me everything I’m to tell them, so that they would believe she sent me.

After disclosing those information to me; she thanked me and disappeared.

Jide also went to his house later that evening.

It was just I and Olivia all alone.

You really sure I should do this? I asked Olivia while we were still watching movie in the living room.

I guess. She answered.

Tomorrow then, I will go see her family. I told Olivia.

I still want to thank you for doing this for me. Tamara appeared and said again.

I became really emotional when she appeared and thanked me again.

To be continued……

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