The girl on rag episode 2

The girl on Rag

Episode 2

At that moment It went down on me that I have actually been talking to a ghøst.

I looked at her, and turned to jide.

Bro!!!. I called jide.

What? jide asked me confused.

Is like, is like. I stammered.

Is like what? he asked me.

Ghøst. There is a ghøst here. I said.

Abeg come of it. There’s no one here. Jide said

Come and snap mama vero’s child sharperly. he added

Just then this small girl came to where we were sitted.

She looked at the ground and then looked at my hand.

Immediately, she looked at me and saw me with a food already eaten half in a takeaway. she started crying.

What’s the problem? I asked her.

She just cried and ran out.

What’s the problem? I asked no one in particular.

Its obvious you ate her food. the girl on rag said.

So truly, this isn’t your food? I asked her.

I told you. she is going to call her father who is an army general. she is his only daughter. So you have to disappear from here now or wait for your wørst. the girl on rag said.

I quickly gave jide my camera. Bro abeg help me run the remaining snapping… I told jide

I brought forth my hands towards the rag girl.

She looked surprised.

What are you doing? she asked confused.

You said disappear, so I’m giving you my hands to help me disappear. I said

It doesn’t work that way ayochidi. she said.

And she calls my name. Nice try. I said.

I heard your friend call your name earlier. Run!! she said…

Immediately I took off.

Before I knew it, I was already in another junction.

I stopped running and started panting heavily.

The girl on rag appeared where I was..

I should contest for Olympic next year what do you think? I asked her.

You will loss. she said.

I stopped panting and looked at her.

Is that how direct you are? You can’t even encourage someone? I asked

Ghøst don’t lie. she said

Linus mbah. I said.

You say? she asked.

I started walking gently to my house.

Why are you wearing this rag? are you sure you don’t want us to go to a boutique and get you something nice? People might think you are måd for wearing rag. I said.

Really? ayo? she asked.

my bad. sorry.. I forgot. You are a ghøst. I said.

You don’t have to say it direct to my face. she said.

sorry, human don’t lie. I said.

Really now? using my own words against me? she said.

Oya na. gee. I have reach my house. its nice meeting you. I said.

I wanted going.

Ayochidi. Please I need your help. she said

I turned to her.

even ghøst? This is my problem with Nigeria girls, I never even ask you out, and you need transport. If I come ask you out nko? I said.

I removed N1000 from my pocket and gave to her.

Hope this will be enough? I asked her

Really? she said.

Really what? I don’t have another money to add to this one. I said.

I want you to help me( before she could complete her statement).

My girlfriend Olivia approached me.(I really didn’t see her coming, My attention was on the girl on rag)

Babe. You didn’t tell me you were coming. I said.

I turned and didn’t see the girl on rag again.

Am I not welcome? Is there another girl around? Olivia asked as she was rubbing her Hands on Cindy’s hair gently.

A small hairy dog. which she calls cindy.

She has already førced me to be the father of the døg.

We all went into my house.

She dropped cindy On the ground and went into the kitchen to prepare something.

I was resting on the cushion chair, then I went to the kitchen to assist olivia.

We were in the kitchen when cindy (the dog started barking).

Olivia wanted going to check what was wrong with cindy, but I told her. I was going to handle it.

I went to the parlour and saw the rag girl. Aunty my girlfriend is around. Please comeback later. I said.

cindy was still barking.

Babe. Is she okay? Olivia asked from the kitchen.

Yes. I replied

Cindy was still barking.

Look, come back later, maybe tomorrow. we will discuss what ever you want? I told the rag girl.

Ayo who are you talking to? are you okay? Olivia asked standing right behind me.

Yes. babe. I turned and saw Olivia at my back when I replied.

Please I need your help. the rag girl said.

I said later, go!!!!. I shouted.

Ayo you at scaring me. Are you okay? Olivia asked again.

My boyfriend k!lled me and hide my cørpse in his house. the girl on rag said.

Upon hearing that;I froze for some minutes.

To be continued…..

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