The Gateman episode 3

The Gateman

Episode 3

“Tell me who got you pregnant? And don’t even dare lie to me because I already know the truth.” Ngozika asked Bekee. She was steaming like a boiling pot of water. Her face was strong and tight like a soldier on a special duty.

Ngozika had confronted Bekee when she was taking a breeze at the balcony. The question took Bekee by surprise, but she refused to be intimidated. After all, she is the first wife and by tradition, Ngozika owed her respect.

“It is your father that got me pregnant. See akwuna akwuna pointing accusing fingers.” Bekee fires back after much calculation.

“Look who is calling me akwuna akwuna. You that got pregnant by another man? And you are still under your husband’s roof. I have facts and I will expose your adulterous pyom pyom.” Ngozika said. Both women were now shouting.

“What proof do you have?” Bekee asked and then Ngozika boldly gave her the semen test result. Bekee unfolded the white paper and read it carefully.

“So what are you going to do now that you know your husband is impotent? I suggest you pack your things and return to your father’s house. Or what is your next plan?” Bekee asked Ngozika. There was no atom of fear in Bekee’s voice and this was a disappointment to Ngozika.

“Or, are you going to walk up to Chima and tell him he is impotent? I and you know you can’t try that because that will be the shortest route to your father’s house.” Bekee was not giving in to fear.

Ngozika knew Bekee was right. It will be a suicide mission to disgrace Chima by confronting him directly with his certificate of impotency. She may be sacked from the compound. It would have been a different thing if Chima did the test himself, but she practically stole his semen to do it.

Ngozika was defeated on this one. “There has to be another way of tackling this.” She said to herself after she stormed out of Bekee’s presence in shame. She started looking for another opportunity.

That evening, a perfect opportunity presented itself to Ngozika and she exploited it to the fullest. Since Ngozika arrived at Chima’s house, she and Bekee took turns to cook and serve the household. Whoever cooked also served The Gateman and all domestic staff. That very day, it was Ngozika’s turn to cook and everyone knows that she cooks late.

So around 9pm, Ngozika had finished cooking and was taking food to The Gateman and that was when she caught Bekee sleeping with The Gateman. After getting pregnant, Bekee actually did not stop sneaking into The Gateman’s room because the man actually is very good at what he does.

“Ewu chim o!” Ngozika shouted when she saw the ugly sight. They did not lock the door and that was a great mistake.

“So this is your baby daddy, Bekee?” She asked with a loud voice. Bekee jumped out of the bed and pleaded with her to stop shouting but Ngozika threatened to expose them. The Gateman was terrified because he knew he is as good as dead if the truth comes out.

“Please don’t expose us. I will do all you ask. In fact, I will be your house girl.” Bekee begs with hot tears in her eyes. It was a difficult situation of having your enemy catch you while stealing something sweet.

Ngozika laughed out loud. “So I’m no longer akwuna akwuna?” She asked as Bekee shook her head shamefully with her dress in her hands. Ngozika thought of what to do with the latest discovery. She quickly reached a conclusion.

“Bekee, go to your room. I promise, I won’t tell anyone about this. Everything is fine.” Ngozika said. Bekee knew she was up to something sinister but she still obeyed. Right now, it was not in her place to question anything. Soon, Ngozika was left alone in the room with The Gateman.

“I also want to get pregnant and it is you who will do it for me.” Ngozika tells The Gatemant as soon as they are alone.

“No ma. I can’t do that o! Do you want to kill me?” The Gateman asked with a terrified voice. He was unable to face Ngozika as his eyes were fixed on the floor.

“If you can’t do it, then be ready to explain to Oga Chima tomorrow morning why you slept with Bekee and her pregnant.” Ngozika threatened as she made to leave the room.

“No ma. Sorry ma. Oka ma. I will do it ma. Please don’t tell Oga Chima because he will kill me.” The Gateman pleaded. His voice was shaking.

“Very good boy. I know you are wise.” Ngozika said as she entered the room again and locked it properly. She did not come out until one hour later.

“So what I’m looking for is actually in this compound? But wait, who is the father of Chima’s daughter?” Ngozika asked herself as she came out of The Gateman’s room. Two months later, she became pregnant.

Crazy days ahead!

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