The Devil in me episode 4


The next day, after we rounded up our lectures for the day, I made up my mind I was going to confront her in the lecture hall where all her friends and my course mate were mostly girls. I allowed my legs to do the thinking not my brain, before I knew what was happening I was in front of her.

Immediately she saw me approaching she pouted, before I could open my mouth to say a word, she made me understand that my presence was not welcome there by the look she gave me. Having made up my mind I decided to ignore her attitude, took her hands into mine. With a voice that sounded as if it doesn’t belong to me I said,

“Hello Adaobi.” Her response came as a shock to me,

“What do you want from me? please am begging you leave me alone.” she thundered, as fast as lighting she shook off her hands from mine, hissed and stumped off the class.

I tried to recompose myself lest I faint. with all eyes still staring at me as if I’m the dude that committed a murder but refused to admit it, the eyes were pistol trying to pull the trigger at me, if they could, they would have easily done that and end my embarrassing life right there. Still in the ocean of shock, with a pounding and bitter heart.

I tried taking a step but my feet which where so agile earlier on became so heavy like a log of wood which has been soaked in sea water, after some attempt to move and I couldn’t, I decided to give in to my weariness, I stood still. Talk of the devil, Ibudu of all people appeared like a god, with mischief and fantasy written all over his countenance, he came to laugh or congratulate me.

From afar he chanted, “Ikemba! Ikemba!!” reducing myself esteem and increasing my shame, he forcefully took my hand into a hard shake, he kept on praising me like a drunkard, all this while I kept mute, as he drew closer for a hug, I muttered an cohesive words with a hoarse voice.

He remove his hands from my palms and placed them awkwardly on my shoulder, though he might have known what has already transpired, he still demanded to hear from me because nothing escapes Ibudu. I hate this guy so much, his name alone disgust me, I didn’t hate him per say but his irritated life style and conduct.

I even made up my mind never to have any thing doing with him but being the devil he is, whenever I am having my peace, he will appear from no where to come and disrupt my peace. He has succeeded in influencing other people’s lives with negative effect now he is after my own life.

But I have vowed over and over again never to let him get me, is as if he is everywhere, because I keep on seeing him like guardian angel. I tried to smile to let him know that am fine but no words will come out of my mouth, he looked deeply into my eyes, I don’t know if he could read my pains or is just one of his games he is playing. With tears in his eyes after gazing at each other for what looked like ages we walked slowly out of the hall. We eventually found a mango tree not far from the lecture hall and went to seat under.

I maintained silence for some time, before I started spilling my gut to this guy, I told him about my feelings for Adaobi, my going to meet her and her reaction towards me in the presence of every one, Ibudu could not close his mouth, he just left it ajar untill I warned him about eating all the toilet flies.

When I was done with my narration, he told me he has a plan, that will get me this chick without much ado that he is ready to execute the plans if I am ready, but the plans required a thousand naira to get the necessary materials. I almost gave in to his sugar coated tongue untill my number six reminded me of whom I’m having this conversation with.

I thanked him, promised to get back to him later, I wasn’t even done when he burst into a gyrating laughter, with sarcasm filled in his voice, he said I can have all the time I need to think about it, before I could go , he reminded me that I could have all the girls in the whole school if I wanted with just a thousand naira. I thanked him once again and backed away.

To be continued.

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