The Devil in me episode 3



As I got to my lodge, thank goodness every one has already gone out leaving the place deserted and dreadful, or could this be due to my already rotten mood? I stood outside for sometimes but no single soul was to be seen. I just wondered where everyone had gone without my knowledge. Not in the right mindset to chit-chat anyone.

I walked to my room, opened the door, dumped my stuff on the bed, quickly undressed and got into a new pair of boxer. Trying to recall the moment I had with Adaobi, I picked up a novel from the night stand, settled on my bed to read. I have not opened a Page when a hard knock at the door interrupted me.

“Oh!” I exclaimed, I thought no one was home. Who could this be coming to disturb my peace now? I fumed and tried to re-arrange myself while asking who was it? The response I got almost sent me a hypertensive centre.

“It is me Adaobi,” the voice just kept echoing in my ears. I stood there perplexed but as wift as lighting, I rushed to put my trousers back on but it was too late as she had already let herself in, was she a witch, she caught me on my boxers and bare chest, almost half n@ked. I suddenly regained my composure, pretended as if it didn’t affect me, said to her,

“Hey! you came, what do I owe this august visit in October?” still standing at the door.

“Can I at least come in?” She said.

“Oooh! pardon my manners. I can be poorly mannered sometimes. come in and have a seat.”

So can you now tell me what I owe this great visit?” She chuckled,

“Nothing, I just want to be your guest,”

“Be my guest? But am not celebrating or entertaining any party?” I countered.

“Must it be a party before one visit a friend?” she threw back at me,

“Uuuch,” I said.

“Anyway where are all your neighbours?” She enquired.

“I think they have all gone out,” I answered. all this while I was still standing. Once or twice I caught her checking me out, I took the first step, extended my hand to her, she took it. I lead her to the bed, she sat down without any argument. As we sat down facing each other she sighed in relief.

“Relax.” I told her, she frowned at me, as if she suddenly remembered her perky lifestyle, she wanted to stand up. I softened my voice,

“I’m sorry, I just want you to feel at home okay?” she smiled, picked up my bag that was still lying on the bed unzipped it and brought out a bottle of vodka the one Ibudu gave to me. She stared at the bottle for sometimes before turning back at me with rage.

“I didn’t know you take strong drinks.I thought you were a different person, I thought you were decent.” She wouldn’t even give me a chance to explain anything to her. She shove me aside and walked out like a wounded lioness, I tried to stop her from leaving but she wouldn’t take it, she was almost at the door when I quickly held onto her with my feeble hands.

I tried as I could to turn her around to face me, on doing this my bare chest brushed her breast, she shuddered, spat on my face and stormed out of my room. I felt so silly. Afterwards I tried explaining everything to her but she wouldn’t listen to me.

To be continued.

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