The Boy who cheated death episode 3


Episode 3

After Sis Favour left, both husband and wife reflected on everything she had said. Mrs Etuk eventually turned to her husband and said, “Honey, stay with Daniel. I need to go home for a bit.”

“What is going on?”

“I allowed fear to blind me to the truth, but now I completely understand what is happening here. We often allow the devil to have a filled day when we keep quiet and don’t speak in agreement with what the word of God says about us or our situation. The devil has toyed with us long enough; no more. We have the word of God, and it can produce for us what we want. I will be back.”

She left the hospital and returned home, while her husband returned to the ward to be with their son. He entered the hospital ward and stared at his son for a while before placing his hands on his hand and speaking faith-filled words.

“Daniel, you are a Godly seed, you will not die, I did not permit you to die. Right now, in the mighty name of Jesus, I command life to remain in you, you will not die. I command your brain cells to become active again. Your life is not from the blood but from the Spirit, for Christ is alive in you; therefore. That same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives in you and it perambulates your body, and revitalises your brain….” And he went on declaring God’s word in faith over Daniel.

When Mrs Etuk got home, she locked herself up in her room and began to make war with the word. “Devil, I rebuke you in the name of Jesus. I come against you in the precious name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I command you to take your hands off my son. Daniel will not die but live to proclaim the goodness of the Lord. You can’t steal our joy; Daniel belongs to God; he is to show forth the praise of God, not die a premature death. He will fulfil the number of his days in sound mind and perfect health.”

At the hospital, Mr Etuk was still speaking words.
“Daniel, your health prospers even as your soul prospers. You are in perfect health, and no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper, you will rise from this bed, and we will testify of the Lord’s goodness, showing the world that our God is still in the business of doing miracles. I declare that my faith is alive and producing results for me, I refuse to stagger at God’s word through unbelief, but I am strong in faith, giving glory to God, hallelujah. Daniel Christ lives in you; therefore, your brain receives life now, in Jesus’ name, for the power of God is at work in you, eternal life is at work in you; therefore, your brain is infused with divine energy.”

Mrs Etuk at home continued to pray and declared words, “Daniel, the name of the Lord is named upon you, you will live and not die. The Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead quickens your mortal body; it quickens your brain. The spirit of God perambulates your brain right now and causes it to come back to life.”

After an hour of prayer, Mr Etuk called his wife and asked her about their account balance; the Holy Spirit had moved him to sow a seed, and he wasn’t wasting any time.

“Honey, check our bank balance; we need to give a seed, a ransom for our son’s life.”

“How much, honey?”

He paused and then gave her a figure.
“I’m on it.” She replied.

When she was done, she called her husband.
“Honey, I’m done; I’m on my way back to the hospital.”

“Great! See you soon.”

For two weeks Daniel’s condition remained unchanged. The devil tried to paint pictures of Daniel in the mortuary and other times of them at the burial ground but they refused to fear and held on to their confession that Daniel would not die.

The doctors pressured them to disconnect Daniel from the life support machine, but they stood by their decision. They believed their son would come out of the coma and not just come out but he would be normal again. The doctors have no choice but to go along with their decision.

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To be continued.
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