The Blackmail

Secret Got Out: The Blackmail

Episode One

Gone are those days when I used to enjoy myself as a teenager i don’t like to dull myself at all. I don’t want a situation where i would be held up in marriage where you won’t have the chance to party or do as you like. Even my mates back then in school can attest to this.

I love to party not just party I love to have fun to the fullest by so doing i indulge myself in some act in school I don’t want to talk about because it is my past.

Well I am sure you know when a lady said something is her past you should know what that is!!

I graduated from university three years ago and during my services I met George at the camp we were both posted to the same place for our services and in the long run I fell in love with him.

George is a loving and caring man he knows how to treat and handle a woman he knows what to do to cheer me up when I feel sad, bored and tired.

The main peculiarity that I love about him is that he can cook more than I can but I never let me him know.

Anyways two years after our courtship we started planning on our wedding I want it to be an elaborated one I invited all my friends so also did my husband.

-Written by Nifemi Oluwasogo-

We chose on the 3rd of September 2013 for the wedding. I can’t just wait to become a wife but there’s one thing I don’t like my husband used to say

“We can’t do anything not until the night of our wedding” he would say anytime I am h@rny which often piss me off.

I respected his decision but it is getting on my nerves at least I will end up being your wife while you too will end up being my husband so what’s there?

I inform my best friend Clara about it and she supported my decision.

“Clara I don’t know what to do like I am really…..”

“Joy why are you behaving as if you are so naive we are still in June you still have some months to go for your wedding, that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun you know what I am talking about nah” she said almost in a whisper

“Clara I am not sure about this what if something went wrong?” I said in dissatisfaction

“Nothing will happen trust me ” she said with a smile and I believed in her.

The following day I make up some excuse to my parent that am going to church for a special prayer for my wedding and they believed me. Immediately I got out I went to an uncompleted building behind our house and change into the dress I packed inside my bag.

” I am sorry George but I want this really bad!!” I said and leave the building I brought out my phone and dialed Clara’s number and she came to pick me up.

We went to a club which is really far from home so that I won’t be seen by people I could hear the beat of the music as we approach the club we went in and sat at on a couch.

I love the vibes of the music I stood up and began to dance Clara also join me we dance for some minute before we later retire back on the couch. I was thirsty at that time so I went to the bar to place an order just within some seconds a nice handsome looking guy came over to where I was. He had this eye I can never resist and his lips was so….

We engage in a conversation and before I know it we fell for each other and went to the hotel beside the club and things happened.

To be continued.

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