The Blackmail episode 9

Secret Got Out: The Blackmail

Episode 9

Suddenly my husband came into the kitchen while I was till watching the videos.

I shiver and the phone fell from my hand with the video till playing the most worst part of it is that it was facing my husband and it didn’t switch off or stop I look at my husband he had seen it the look on his face can really tell he was really shock and disappointed in me.

I was shedding tears because I know this is the end of our marriage he looked at me and shook his head while he remove his phone and went upstairs.

So this is the end of marriage!! Marriage that is not even up to a week I fell on my knees with regret and pain.

This is all my fault now that he has figure out my secret there’s no way he can ever allow me to stay in his house.

I sat on the floor in the kitchen wallowing Cynthia our house maid came in and saw me crying she was shocked and ran to me.

“Madam what happened? What is wrong with you!!?” She asked examining my body from head to toe.

“Get out!! Get out now!!” I yelled at her and she ran out in fear.

Within some minute I began to hear the sound of a police car I sprang up on my feet in fear.

Has it gotten to this? The police barge into our house as if we are a hardened criminal I picked a knife from the table and raise it up.

“I prefer to die than to go to jail!!” I said but as I was about to stab myself I began hear some commotion going on in the living room.

“Move right now before I blow your head!!” I heard the police said.

I put down the knife and went to check what was going. To my surprise the police men were actually pointing their guns to Raymond. My husband was standing at the stairs without saying anything.

“Officers what’s going on here?” I asked

“This man here is a notorious criminal he has been known for his blackmailing of people with alongside with his accomplice” he said and they pushed Clara in.

I opened my mouth in disbelief when I saw handcuffs in her hand she has been beaten seriously.

“Clara!!!” I yelled. “What have I done to deserve this from you? So you were the one that set me up”

“And so what!! It is your fault you were the one that caused everything!!” She said

“How am I the one that cause it?” I asked as tears were flowing down my face.

“Since you have met George you won’t stop telling me about what he did and bought for you which is making to feel some how so I and Raymond decided to Blackmail you so we can extort some money from you so that it will teach you a lesson that it is not everything you can be saying to a friend but you are lucky that your husband is a detective and recognize Raymond if not….” she said and the police men took them away.

“Madam don’t worry we will help you recover all the money they have collected from you” one of the police said.

I went to meet my husband and kneel in front of him to ask for his forgiveness.

“George please I am very sorry I ought to have tell you about my past I am very sorry!!” I pleaded.

“Joy don’t I have forgiven you” he said and hug me.

“Really!! Thank you so much!!” I said

“This marriage is over” he said and went upstairs. I fell on the ground with tears I was never excepting that so this how I ruin my marriage with my lust.

My husband pack out of the house he was actually a detective all this while including Cynthia and the gateman, he married me just to arrest Clara and Raymond. He left the house for me since I have nowhere to go to.

I have learnt a very valuable lesson never in my life will I share my secret with any of my friends and also I will make sure I tell any guy that wants to marry me about my past.

Ladies and gentlemen I hope you have learnt something from my short story. Kindly continue to follow up for more and interesting story.

-Written by Nifemi Oluwasogo-

The End

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