The Blackmail episode 8

Secret Got Out: The Blackmail

Episode 8

(Written by Nifemi Oluwasogo)

I went after him with fear I entered into the room the way he threw down his briefcase shows something is wrong.

“Honey what’s wrong?” I asked but he didn’t answer me he went straight to the bathroom to take a shower while I waited patiently with my mind full of different thoughts when he came out he was shocked to see me still standing in spot he left me.

“I am hungry!!” He said

“Cynthia already prepared dinner” I reply him

“And since when did Cynthia start preparing the food I would eat in this house!!” He thundered ” I married you to prepare food for me not Cynthia!! “He said

” Ok I am so sorry so what do you want to eat?”I asked

“So you are still asking me what to eat” he said almost hitting me with his hand “So you sat in the house from morning till night and you didn’t even prepare anything for me!!” He said and walk out on me.

I was just dumbfounded what’s going? Did I said anything wrong? Or did Raymond showed George the photos? I thought for a while and quickly went after him.

He was heading towards Raymond’s room I almost fell off the stairs when I saw him go inside he didn’t even bother to knock on the door he just barge in.

Raymond was lying on the bed watching a movie on his phone he was shocked when my husband barge in.

“Raymond!!” He yelled “Sorry that I screamed put on something nice we are both going out since your sister here refuses to prepare dinner so I think it will be nice if we have a bro time together”

I think I didn’t hear that very well Raymond stared at me in surprise he wasn’t sure of what to say it seems as if he was sacred.

“Common Raymond don’t be shy quickly, put some things on let me also put some things on and we will both head out” my husband said and went back upstairs.

It is like a dream to me because I don’t even understand what is going on firstly he was came in angrily and shouted at me now he’s going out with Raymond.

“I hope it is not what I am thinking?” Raymond said raising his phone to remind me of his plan.

“What are you thinking I am as surprise just as you are(hissed)” I said and leave.

Within some minute my husband came down from upstairs immediately I saw him I quickly went and kneel in front of him.

“Please dear I am very for everything I want you to please be patient just give me just ten minutes your food will be ready” I said but he turn a deaf ear on what I said.

“Raymond!!” He call out “Let us go” he said as he (Raymond)came out of his room and they both left.

My heart began to beat faster I don’t like the idea of my husband and Raymond going out together i began to pace to and fro.

What if Raymond showed my husband the pictures? He won’t do that since I have s*x with today but this Raymond is very cunning he can do and undo.

“Aaaaah I am finished!!” I exclaimed.

Thirty minutes after there departure, I received a message from Raymond my heart almost stop working when I read it.

“This is my account number credit it with 10 million naira in the next ten minutes or else I will show your husband the pictures thank God we are even together now!!”

That was the message tears began to gush down my face where the hell do I want to get that amount of money from. AL the money in my account is not up to 5million naira.

I don’t even know what to do I quickly empty my account and send him 4 million naira thinking maybe it will keep his mouth zipped but it didn’t.

He texted me again with a serious threat I don’t even know where I can get 6million within that short range.

Suddenly my husband and Raymond came in they were both gisting and laughing “You are welcome honey!!” I greeted him.

“Thank you jare” he replied to my surprise “Joy this your brother is very funny oooo” he said turning to me

“Abi nah he is very funny he was the one that used to liven up the family then” I said feigning a smile.

My husband went upstairs instantly to put on his nightwear leaving me and Raymond all alone in the living room.

“Where is the remaining balance?” He asked

“Raymond please nah that’s the amount am having I have empty all my account please!!” I pleaded

“So what’s my business with that? What about your joint account that you and your husband is using? You can’t withdraw from there!!” He said and went to his room.

I was astonished when I heard him how did he know my husband and I have a joint account? I never mentioned it to anyone except just one person, Clara. As I was thinking about it Raymond sent me a video from the look of things it seems it is a s*x video.

I rushed to the kitchen and played the video lo and behold it was my S*xtape with him and some other videos where I slept with men back then in school.

I was shedding tears how come did he get all this video? Suddenly my husband came into the kitchen while I was till watching the videos.

What is going to happen next? Find out in the next episode and if you know you haven’t followed yet kindly do so because the next episode will be out before you know it.
Nifemi Oluwasogo

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