The Blackmail episode 7

Secret Got Out: The Blackmail

Episode 7

-Written by Nifemi Oluwasogo-

He was bleeding seriously his eyes has turned red “You!!” He pointed at me with his last strength he ran to me with knife ready to stab me.

He pinned my neck on the door and raise the knife immediately I j**k off and come back to reality.

“What an horrible imagination!!” I said, killing him won’t be the best I can end up in jail I toss around for a while before I later went to his room downstairs.

He was sitting on the bed with his attention were directed at his phone immediately I entered he raise his head up with a smile on his face.

“Look who we have here is this not joy that was threatening me” he said and laugh “So you can actually come to my room without me forcing or begging you”

My blood were boiling as be was talking I feel like strangling him right on the bed where he was.

“Now listen before you do or act anything funny if you think you can kill me just to bury or cover up the evidence then you are doing that against your own detriment” he said “You see those nude photos of yours I have it in different places with people and if I don’t message them every one hour they will send the pictures everything to your husband. So I will advice you to corporate with me” he said and put down his phone.

“But what have I done to deserve this from you Raymond? I am married I can’t avoid to cheat on my husband please I beg you” I said as I went on my knees.

“So you can actually be calm and begging me like this!!!” He said and burst out in laugh.

“I just married it is not up to a week now please Raymond don’t do this”

“That enough baby girl now listen I will offer you two options and you have to decide between them now. The first option is I will continue to have s*x with you as long as I live here and the second one is I should have s*x with you for the last time and then do whatever I ask you to do apart from s*x. Which one?” He asked

What kind of human being is Raymond for crying out loud none of the options suit me at all.

“You better talk I ain’t got all day” he said but I didn’t know which one to choose tears were already flowing down my face I cursed the day I met him so he is just a wolf in a sheep’s clothing.

He stood up and wanted to go outside but I immediately said “Option two!!”. He looked at me and smile.

” That’s very nice”he said and move closer to me he hug me and unzipped my cloth from the back another stream of tears gush out from my eyes I can’t believe I am about to do this.

“Raymond please I am begging you….” I said but he kissed me and I was unable to complete my statement before I could think of anything he made love with me.

I hate myself even the more I felt like committing suicide I left his room in tears even when he was begging me to stop crying.

I need some to confide in I said in my mind not quite long Clara’s call came on my phone.

“Hello Clara good morning”

“Morning how are you doing girl?” She asked

“I am not fine!!” I said

“What happened what’s wrong? Should I come over to your house right now?”


“Ok am on my way” she said and hang up.


“Aaaaaaah joy!! You mean Raymond was Victoria but how could you do that kind of thing?” Clara yelled when I told her everything.

“You are a wicked person Joy let us call a spade a spade what you did is uncalled-for”

“I know but the deed has been done what is the way out or the solution to this?”

“Well to avoid your home broken you have to succumb to everything he says till when we know what to do” Clara said

“But I was thinking maybe I should tell my husband about it because I can’t continue like this!!” I said

“No oooo don’t do that ooo it will deteriorate everything your marriage that is not even up to a week. Just be patient and do as he said for now”

“But what if he ask for something I can never give him?” I asked

“He won’t trust me” she said and we both chat for a while before she left.

Later in the evening I was sitting in the living room when my husband return I greeted him but he didn’t answer me he stared at me for a while and went upstairs. I was surprised and sacred maybe Raymond has shown my husband the pictures that’s why he didn’t answer.

I went after him with fear I entered into the room the way he threw down his briefcase shows something is wrong.

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-Written by Nifemi Oluwasogo-

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