The Blackmail episode 6

Secret Got Out: The Blackmail

Episode 6

-Written by Nifemi Oluwasogo-

I tried to free myself from him but he was too strong for me.

Within a twinkling of an eye Raymond is already removing my skirt I can’t allow this happened immediately I bite his hand and he let me go I quickly wear my skirt properly and try to ran out but he block me.

“What is your problem Raymond!!?” I yelled

“My problem is you!! You are proving too stubborn and I will show you that I am from the street you can’t outsmart me” he said with his eyeballs bulge out

“Really you know I can sue you to court for this and I am sure you know the years you will spend in the jail!!”

“Jail do you think you can scare me with that? Let’s bet you will be the one to come crawling back begging me” he said and sat on the bed.

“Beg my foot!!” I said and went out.

My husband had finished eating his food and he was watching the TV I have lost my appetite after what happened I just went to join my husband in the living.

“So how far?” He asked

“I have taken care of it!!” I said as I rest my head on his chest and we both continue watching the movie.

Some minute later I was asleep my husband immediately carried me upstairs to the room and lay me on bed. He covered my body with the blanket and kissed my forehead he is so romantic I love him more.

My phone was beside me I was charging it, it vibrated as a message came on. I was still sleepy reluctantly I stood up and check it, it was a message from Raymond I hisses and put it back on the stool.

Suddenly a thought came to my mind my husband isn’t with me he is downstairs watching movie so also is Raymond’s room what if he tell me husband about what’s going on?

I quickly took my phone and check the message he sent me it was on WhatsApp my heart almost stop working when I saw it. I was sweating under AC goosebumps were all over my body it was my nude pictures with him when we are making love but he made his face a little blurry so he won’t be recognized he sent me about four of it.

My heart palpitated as I scroll through everything I was shedding tears as I click on the voice note

“Now that you have seen this I am sure you don’t want me to show it to your husband if you don’t want to you know where to find me but I will give you the grace of tomorrow if your husband leave for work”. That was the voice note.

” Aaaah!!”I exclaimed as I dump my body on the bed “What do I want to do my marriage that is not even up to five days aaaaah I am finished!!” I wipe my tears and quickly insert a password to my phone.

Now my phone is forbidden for my husband to touch is this how I will continue to live? I thought for a while and dose off.

The following day, my husband had went to work as early as 5am just to beat the traffic I was up on the bed sobbing so I am going to defile my marriage I stood up from the bed thinking of a way out but I couldn’t think of a way out of this.

I got myself into this now I am facing the consequences my phone vibrated it was a message from Raymond “The coast is clear”. I drop my phone on bed and stare at my husband picture hung on the wall.

I summoned courage I went to kitchen and took a knife I have made up my mind I entered into Raymond’s room lo and behold he was stark n@ked.

He let out a smile when he saw me he had erection it seems he has been stroking his d@ck before I came in.

” Common now babe I am hungry for you!!”he said and started kissing me passionately I hate him so much I drew out the knife from my pocket and stab him continuously in the stomach he shouted with pain he struggled with me and collected the knife from me.

He was bleeding seriously his eyes has turned red “You!!” He pointed at me with his last strength he ran to me with knife ready to stab me

What happened next find out in the next episode of Secret Got Out: The Blackmail.

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