The Blackmail episode 5

Secret Got Out: The Blackmail

Episode 5

-Written by Nifemi Oluwasogo-

I look at Raymond he was smiling at me immediately I stood up and went upstairs to the room to avoid any drama as if that was not enough Raymond actually followed me into the room and lock the door.

“What the hell are you doing here Raymond? Why are you in my room?” I asked as I walk gently backward

“You want to know why I am here?” He asked still coming closer to me, my leg touch the edge of the bed and I sat on it. He bent over and kissed me on the lips I was got angry and slap him.

“I am married we can’t continue this anymore and get that into your skull!!” I said he stood motionless placing his hand on spot where I slapped him.

“You are becoming hard to get I am sure you don’t want to play this way” he said and try to force himself on me but I pushed him away

“Are okay Raymond!!? This is my matrimonial bedroom for crying out loud I can’t defile it is that clear? Now get out now!!” I said pushing him towards the door.

“Joy you will regret oooh” he said smiling as I unlocked the door.

“In your dreams if I deal with you!! You will rot in jail you this nitwit” I yelled and push him out.

I heave a big sign of relief as I shut the down what have I done? Suddenly my husband opened the door.

“Honey I thought you said you were going to the office!!?” I asked in shock

“Yeah but I later got another call that everything is under control so I just turn around” he said and hug me.

“Jesus Christ what if I have agreed with Raymond so that’s how he’s just going to ruin my marriage just like that” I said in my mind.

“Honey I saw Raymond downstairs as I was coming now he seems angry what happened to him because I am sure he is coming from you?” He asked

“Just ignore him dear he was just disturbing about some things” I said looking elsewhere

“What thing is he asking?”

“Hmmm see don’t worry I will handle it” I said and change the topic immediately.


When it was time for dinner Raymond didn’t showed up in the dinning table I didn’t even bother to call for him I felt free as he wasn’t with us. My husband kept looking at me with a thousand and one questions in his mind but I don’t care because I know what it is all about.

“Honey” he finally said ” Why is your brother not here with us?”he asked fixing his gaze on me.

“I don’t know maybe he is not hungry yet!” I said showing no affection.

“He is not hungry ke? Or is it not because of what he asked you this morning that you refuse to answer him that’s why he didn’t come to eat” my husband said.

I stop eating and turn to him “Don’t worry yourself about this dear I gat this” I said to him and continue eating.

” Honey don’t you think you need to have a talk with your brother like maybe beg him for you did to him!!”my husband said I wanted ignore him but since he insist I had to stand up and went to his room.

His room was left opened I knock before entering but there was no response I had to open the door and peep through but I didn’t see him in the room when I entered the door was shut locked and Raymond grab me from the back covering my mouth with his hand so I won’t shout.

I tried to free myself from him but he was too strong for me.

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