The Blackmail episode 4

Secret Got Out: The Blackmail

Episode 4

-Written by Nifemi Oluwasogo-

“Don’t cry relax after we are done you will follow us to our house and you will be living with us for the main time” my husband said and hug him.

It is like I didn’t hear what he was saying well or maybe he was just bluffing not until we were done with the reception and Raymond actually followed us home. My husband wasn’t mad at me anymore in fact he never behave as if something had happened between us.

The gateman opened the gate for us as the driver zoomed in with speed. My husband came down from the car and ran to the other side where I was sitting and open the door for me he didn’t allow me to step my foot on the ground he carried me as we enter into the house.

The maid was standing at the dinning table to welcome us for the wedding she was slender and fair in complexion.

“Welcome sir!!” She said

“Thank you Cynthia can you please take this our guest to the guestroom he is actually my wife’s brother” he said and took me up stairs to our matrimonial bedroom.

My husband gently drop me on the bed with smile on his face and kiss me.

“I am glad you were patient all this while and didn’t involve yourself in another affair with any man” he said as he began to undress himself.

I feign a smile I was disappointed in myself I was not even patient just even for a seconds. We made love that very night.

I ought not to say this but my husband is actually good on bed than Raymond I regretted the action I took the very first day I met him (Raymond).

The following day before I woke up on bed my husband had brought my breakfast to me he was very romantic and caring. He brought me my favorite omelette with bread just the way I like it.

After I finished eating he pack the plate back to the kitchen I couldn’t stop thinking about him he was just a very perfect man, he came back a few minutes later and we both went to take our bath together.

After we finish bathing we went to the dinning table to eat Raymond was also on seat though I was not comfortable because I am very sure he is up to something. We all maintained a table manner as we began to eat none of us said anything but I could notice the way Raymond was just eyeing me and biting his lips in a cunning way he really wanted me badly my husband didn’t notice this I pray he shouldn’t.

Suddenly my husband phone vibrated he quickly answered it with the look of things it seems as if there’s an emergency at his work place he leave his food and quickly went upstairs and change into a corporate cloth.

“Honey where are you going to?” I asked

“I am so sorry dear there’s an emergency at the office and I need to be there it is very important” he said and peck me and dash out of the house.

I look at Raymond he was smiling at me immediately I stood up and went upstairs to the room to avoid any drama as if that was not enough Raymond actually followed me into the room and lock the door.

To be continued.

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