The Blackmail episode 3

Secret Got Out: The Blackmail

Episode 3

-Written by Nifemi Oluwasogo-

The Pastor repeat the statement but when I turn Raymond was standing at the entrance of the door staring at me.

I almost fainted seeing Raymond the whole congregation turned to him with shock and amazement my heart was just doing gbim gbim I can hear it beat he took off the glasses from his eyes and went to sit down (omo) I nearly died ooo.

Because my husband countenance already changed but when he saw Raymond isn’t here to oppose the marriage he became relief the whole congregation heave a big sign of relief including my mother-in-law I can see how she was just panting.

The Pastor joined us together and the whole congregation rise up on their feet in celebration.

I was really tensed with Raymond here anything can happen as we went back to our seat I use one eye to look over to where he was but to my surprise he was no longer there anymore.

Fear gripped me my legs began to shake, Clara was the one who best me she saw Raymond when he came in also immediately I sat on the chair she gently whisper into my ears

-Written by Nifemi Oluwasogo-

“Is that not that guy you went out with?” She asked, I nodded in reply.

“What the hell is he doing here!!?” She yelled in a whisper tone.

I couldn’t say anything but I am sure it must be as a result of what he told me earlier today but I can’t marry him.

After some minute we proceed to the reception since I have scanned everywhere before leaving the church and couldn’t find him I thought maybe he has left.

But did he leave just like that?

We arrive at the reception few minutes later we rented a field for it, because the people we invited were many and to avoid unnecessary heat.

Before the commencement of the activities, I told Clara,

“I am really sacred!!”

“Don’t panic everything will be alright since that your friend Victoria could prayed with you that there won’t be any disaster then don’t worry he won’t spill the beans” she said.

My heart melted how do I want to say that Victoria is Raymond and we didn’t pray any prayers but make love.

I am really disappointed in myself. See the mess I got myself into!!

As we were discussing I saw Raymond discussing some things with my husband and my husband seems to be angry he look towards my direction and shook his head I lost balance where I was if not for the help of Clara who quickly held me.

Both of them walk towards our direction I was already sweating I don’t even know what to say or do I was shivering.

“Joy I am really disappointed in you!!” He said

“Mr George calm down!!” Clara said

“Don’t tell me to calm down I never thought you can do this!!” He yelled at me

“Babe I am sorry I can explain!!” I said as tears drop down from my eyes.

“So you mean you are still having a brother and you never told me about it or even invite him to our wedding you are a wicked person” he said I was dumbfounded what is he saying?

“Who is my brother?” I asked myself, Clara also was confused she stared at me before finally talking

“Mr George what are you talking about I don’t understand?” She asked

“Can you believe this man right here is joy’s brother and she never mentioned it to me although, she told me her parents died in a car accident but she never told me she’s still having a brother. Why Joy!!?” He said.

I was just astonished by everything he said I look straight into Raymond eyes he was smiling in a cunning way how is he my brother the guy that I met in a club how do we become related?

“Hmmmm…. George hmmmm yes he is my brother but…but ” I stammer

“But what!!”

“She never mentioned me to you because I am very poor and I am not suitable to be her brother” Raymond said as tears gushed out of his eyes. Clara and I opened our mouth in disbelief.

“Don’t cry relax after we are done you will follow us to our house and you will be living with us for the main time” my husband said and hug him.

Find out what happened next in the next episode of Secret Got Out :The Blackmail.

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