The Blackmail episode 2

Secret Got Out: The Blackmail

Episode 2

I began to have an affection for this guy with the way he took care of me I collected his number anytime I feel h@rny I just dial his number and we would meet at the hotel.

It got to the extent everyday we always meet at the hotel hadn’t been i have known I ought to have fallen in love with this guy instead of George.

Well God knows the best months past and the wedding remain few days yet I didn’t give up on having an affair with Raymond. My wedding is tomorrow we have planned everything my husband is spending the bachelor night with his friends while I too with my friends.

But when it was 10pm I began to feel h@rny I was really desperate I need to see Raymond tonight by all means. Clara never knew I still hang out with Raymond and I too never mentioned it to her or anyone.

I really need Raymond badly but there’s no way I can leave my friends, due to how obsess I was different ideas began to flow through my head I texted Raymond to dress like a lady and come to where I was.

When he got to where we are I was surprised at the transformation I couldn’t recognize him.

“Good evening” he greeted us

“Good evening babe what’s up!!” I said as I stood up and hug him.

“So guys meet Victoria she’s my friend and she would be spending the night with us” I said

“Woow Victoria nice meeting you” Clara said with a smile as she went to pick the TV remote and change the channel.

My friends began to gist as they were watching the movie but I was really not comfortable I was really h@rny I must come up with an excuse to have a time with Raymond as if he was reading my mind he went into the room and came back dressed in white garment and was holding a Bible in his hand.

“Joy a spirit is telling me now you need to have a quiet time with the Lord because of tomorrow’s wedding so it won’t be a disaster for you!!” He said to the shocking of everyone my friends turn to me without saying anything.

“Really!!?” I said

“Yes infact you are to have a quiet time with Him from 12am to 2am but I will be with you to lead you in prayers”

“Ok!!” I said and stood up my friends didn’t say anything they continue watching their movies back.

I was really happy about the excuse Raymond came up with I went into the room with him and he lock the door we both burst out in laugh as he remove his disguise within a jiffy I undress myself I jump on him as he fondle my bre@st I really want him so bad we began to make l@ve for next two hours non stop.

I was really tired and excited at least I have fulfilled my desire we got dressed but before we leave the room Raymond held my hand

“I really want you as my wife” he said as he stare straight into my eyes

“That can’t be possible Raymond by morning I will get married to George” I said

“But it is never too late we can both run away together probably to the U S and start a new life” he said with hopes of convincing me.

“I am sorry Raymond I love George and I can’t do that to him” I said and came out of the room my friends were already asleep I didn’t bother to wake them up I turn off the TV and sleep on the couch with them Raymond also slept with us till morning.

My friends woke me up by 6am and we start getting prepared Raymond left few minutes after he told to us that he had a call that his mum slumped and he’s going to the hospital but I know he was lying. I can see how sad he was as he left but I still love George. I can’t ditch him.

We began the wedding and I must say the love of George began to fill my heart I love him more than I ever did. So I made a promise in my mind never to have any affairs with any man apart from him.

The wedding was going smoothly finally we got to the most shocking part, the part I fear the most all my life the Pastor said

“If there’s anyone who does not want this two to get married kindly talk now or remain silent forever”. My heart palpitated has I turn there’s no one standing I look at George and we both smile. The Pastor repeat the statement but when I turn Raymond was standing at the entrance of the door staring at me.

-Written by Nifemi Oluwasogo

To be continued.

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