The Betrayal

Part 1.


(A short story based on a true life event)


I’ve often heard people talking about betrayal and all but never have I imagined myself going through the same experience.

A few years ago, I had this friend with whom I shared both my pain and joy. We first met when I had gone to write a Post Utme in my school of choice. And there, we exchanged contacts and got talking on the phone.

Luckily, we both aced our exams and finally got admitted into the school months later. And because I’ve known her for quite some time, I found it a lot more easier and comfortable to roll and vibe with her than I did with any of my coursemates in school. She was admitted to study Biochemistry while I studied nursing.

Despite our different schedules and departments, we found ways to make our friendship grow and wax stronger with each passing day. This girl was literary my gossip, reading, and play partner all through our years in school. She knew almost everything about me.

Being a person that wasn’t lucky with men and relationships, I went through a series of heartbreaks from my bad choices with men and she was always there to console and comfort me.

In my third year first semester, I miraculously met this guy who changed my perspective of how I felt and judged men. He was the opposite of all the men I have encountered in school. He was mature, he loved, cared, and showered me with lots of attention that made me feel like a princess.

As a very much private person, I only introduced him to my friend who eventually, became our middleman in reconciling our differences whenever we have little couple misunderstandings. And as such, she knew everything that goes in and out of my relationship with him.

Finally, I got to my final year and was about to write my final exams when my boyfriend of two years plus, suddenly sent me a text requesting to end the beautiful relationship we had. At first, I thought it was a prank not until I tried reaching him through phone calls and he blocked me. I tried chatting him up through his social media accounts and he blocked me there as well.

Everything happened so fast like a dream. He did all of this without explanation. Like, I almost ran mad. I went on to complain to my friend who offered to talk to him (Then she was already in service) but she got blocked as well. It was so devastating, confusing, and unbelievable because this was someone that had been engaging me in his plans to come see my people immediately after I’m done with my final year exams.

I tried reaching out to him using other people’s phones but he blocked each of the numbers as soon as he recognized my voice. His sudden change in actions affected me so much that I ended up performing very poorly in my exams. As a result, I earned myself an extra year in school.

While my mates were observing their NYSC service, I was in school running from one lecturer’s office to another to help clear my papers. While all this was going on, I was able to remain strong because of my friend who remained my biggest comforter during that period.

Six months later, I was bored at home and decided to scroll through some people’s WhatsApp statuses. There I stumbled upon a writeup from my friend’s elder sister congratulating my supposed friend on the success of her traditional marriage ceremony.

The post said, “A big thanks to God almighty for making my younger sister’s traditional marriage a success. It can only be God. Get ready pictures loading…”

I had her number because my friend had on several occasions, used my phone to reach her. So I saved her number and chatted with her on WhatsApp a few times.

Out of curiosity and confusion, I slid into her Dm and texted, “Congratulations ma’am. But please which of your sister got married?.”

I asked this because I was fully aware that they were only two girls in their family. The remaining three were boys. So which sister was she congratulating in her write-up?

Luckily, she quickly responded to my chat and was curious to know why I didn’t show up for my friend’s wedding.

she was like, “Hey, longest time. I don’t understand your question o. How come you aren’t aware of Omah’s traditional marriage? I thought you two were close back in school.”

And I was like, “Please, which Omah are you talking about?.”

“My Omah of course. Do you mean to tell me that she didn’t inform you about her traditional marriage?.” She asked.

“Hold on. You are joking, right? Cause there’s no way Omah would get married without me knowing about it.” I said, hoping it was a prank.

But the young woman insisted she was telling the truth. And to further prove she wasn’t lying, she forwarded me some pictures of my friend with her supposed husband.

In my face were pictures of my supposed best friend in her traditional marriage attire. Looking closely, I figured that she was heavily pregnant. And to crown it all, she got married to my ex.

Her husband was my supposed ex-boyfriend who ended things with me in the most inappropriate and inhumane way anyone could think of.

At that point, I almost lost my sanity and I was eager to get to the root of the whole drama cause it wasn’t making any sense to me.

to be continued…

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