The Betrayal episode 4

Part 4.


(A story based on a true life event)


Betrayal is like a wound that never fully heals, hurting as much as death. What’s even worse is that it usually comes from people we trust, our closest friends, and not our enemies. Those we care about the most are mostly the ones that end up causing us so much pain. Sometimes, the very people we would go to great lengths to protect are the ones who would hurt us the most. It’s not our fault for having a good heart and being trusting. It’s just that some poisonous beings come into our lives pretending to be our friends and trusting them blindly can be dangerous as you never know what you might stumble upon.

Earlier today, I received a message from my old friend Omah, completely unexpected. It brought back memories of the pain I thought I had moved on from. I honestly believed I was on the path to healing, but seeing her message after so many years, proved that recovering from betrayal takes much longer than I initially thought.

I hesitated for a moment before opening Omah’s message. As I sat down, a mix of anxiety and sadness washed over me. But eventually, I gathered enough courage to read it.

“Hi, Rita. It’s Chioma (Omah), your friend from our university days. I’m sorry it took me this long to reach out to you. The thing is, I haven’t been myself for the past few years because I’ve been haunted by the hurtful things I did to you, and I truly hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me…” The first part of her message said.

Who would have thought that Omah would come to regret her actions after all these years? Indeed, hurtful actions are like boomerangs, they often come back to haunt the person who threw them. Anyways, I continued reading.

“I understand that what I’m about to say might come as a shock, but I need to tell you the truth so I can be freed from this heavy burden in my heart….” The second part said.

“What is she talking about?,” I wondered reading further with keen curiosity.

“Years ago, when you introduced me to Nedu, I couldn’t help but feel jealous of how he treated you so well, showering you with much attention and care. Outwardly I acted all happy for you but deep within me, I longed for that kind of attention. Believe me, I tried to keep my distance, but he was just too irresistible. He was everything I have ever wanted in a man. So from constantly calling him in the name of settling you two during a misunderstanding, I started visiting him secretly and getting closer to him. Then, one day, I took your phone and sent a hurtful message to myself, saying all manner of hurtful things about Nedu while making it seem like it came from you. I deleted the copy of the message from your phone and showed the copy of the one I had on my phone to Nedu, making it look like you had sent those hurtful things about him to me. It broke Nedu’s heart, and I convinced him to act like everything was okay so as not to implicate me until he find a different reason to break up with you. He agreed and gradually distanced himself emotionally from you. Eventually, when I was observing my NYSC service, the communication between Nedu and me grew stronger, and we ended up having sex because then, he usually send transport fare for me to come visit him from where I was posted. Along the line, I threatened to leave him if he didn’t break up with you officially. So one day during my usual visits, he sent you a breakup text right in front of me. After that, he went on to block your calls without offering you any explanations. Then when you called me to complain, I was there with him but I played innocent and lied that he had blocked me too….”

I couldn’t hold back my tears and had to stop reading at that point. My discoveries reopened the wound I thought had healed. I couldn’t bring myself to accept that it was Omah, my supposed best friend, who caused me severe pain by convincing Nedu to break up with me…

To be continued……

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