The Betrayal episode 3

Part 3.


(A story based on a true life event)

For a whole week, I was still stunned and unable to get over my supposed best friend’s unremorseful reaction to getting married to my ex.

I began wondering how and when they two met. My discovery affected me so much to the extent that I was always found talking to myself while walking on the road. To date, I still can’t explain how I was able to escape madness during that period.

Out of curiosity, I dialed her number two weeks later, to hear how it all happened. You wouldn’t blame me for desperately seeking answers to my curiosity and to at least be sure that I wasn’t betrayed by my best friend. You know, I was thinking maybe It could be that they reconnected while she was serving because she studied a four years course (biochemistry) and she graduated before me. For I studied a five years course (Nursing) plus I obtained an extra year to make up for my failed papers.

When I called, she picked up on my fourth call and then, I calmly confronted her with questions seeking to know how they met and what led to them getting married.

And she said, “Look Rita, I think it’s high time you stopped blaming me for your loss. Besides, It’s not my fault that you chose to let go of such a good man in the first place.”

I was confused by her words. Like, how could she say it was my fault for letting him go despite her knowing how my ex ended things without us having any prior misunderstanding or him offering me any explanations for his actions?

“Omah, you of all people shouldn’t be saying this to me when you are fully aware of how things ended between me and Nedu. For goodness sake, we were good before he woke up one morning and suddenly chose to end things with me without genuine explanations. But even if it were to be my fault as you claim, then are there no other good guys out there? Why must you get married to your best friend’s ex?” I fired back at her with anger.

“So because you and I shared some childish relationship back in school, you expect me to turn down a God-sent like Nedu? Oh, come on Rita. For how long do you want to play dumb? It’s high time you come to the acceptance that you and Nedu weren’t meant for each other and that you didn’t appreciate him enough while he was with you.” She said.

I broke down in tears hearing these words from my supposed best friend.

“Chioma, hope you know that I would never do such a thing to you,” I asked her amidst tears.

“Yes, I know. But unfortunately, I am not you. And this should be the last time you confront me with this topic. I have had enough from you already.” She said immediately ending the call on me.

And that was the last time we spoke on the phone cause she went ahead to block me after the call.

Well, it wasn’t easy but eventually, I picked up my pieces and moved on with my life. Luckily, for me, a year after I completed my studies, one of my maternal uncles who was based abroad, worked things for me to go work abroad while undergoing my masters there with him and his family.

And that was how God consoled me. He came through for me when I least expected it. Three years along the line, I fell in love with a colleague of mine. Believe me when I say it wasn’t easy opening my heart to another man. But my Micheal made it effortlessly easy for me.

Everything happened so fast, and before you know it, we got married. And to date, all I can say is that God created him just for me. He has been such a supportive husband to me and an adorable father to our two lovely kids.

I have since then been living my life with no regrets or memories of my past. But what took me down memory lane this morning, was the fact that I got a Dm on my Instagram account from my long-forgotten friend Omah.

She unblocked me after so many years and decided to seek my forgiveness. It turned out that she was the reason behind my break up with my ex Nedu.

To be continued…..

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