The Betrayal episode 2

Part 2.


(A story based on a true life event)

Some moments after I viewed the pictures, I searched for her number and quickly placed a call to her. And as usual, she picked up and acted all friendly towards me.

“Chioma,” I impatiently interrupted her fake pleasantries.

“Ahn. Ahn. Rita, what happened? This one you are calling me by my full name and not your usual Omah. Hope all is well?” She jokingly asked unaware of my recent findings.

“Is it true?” I asked with my heart ripping within.

“What’s true?” She asked ignorantly confused.

“Chioma, is there anything you are keeping from me? Tell me and I promise to forgive you” I said hoping she would open up and admit it was all a mistake.

“Rita, you are acting really strange this afternoon. Where is this coming from?” She asked.

“You know you are more than a friend to me, right?” I asked trying so hard to suppress my pain.

“Absolutely” She responded.

“Good. And I hope you know that I can never do anything to hurt you?” I asked.

“Of course. But Rita is everything okay? what’s going on? Did something happen?” She asked feigning innocence and care.

“Chioma” I calmly called almost breaking down.

“Yes,” She responded.

“Why did you do it?” I asked.

“Why did I do what?” She asked.

“Why did you get married without informing me? And worse of it all, you got married to Nedu my ex. Chioma how could you?” I asked finally breaking down in tears.

And guess what she did. She gave me a long hiss over the phone, “And so? Is that the reason for all this drama? Please, if you don’t have better things to do with your time, don’t waste mine because I am busy with my wedding preparations. Call me whenever you are ready to be happy for me” She said abruptly ending the call on me.

Believe me, I couldn’t find the right words to say or the next action to take at that moment. Her unremorseful words struck me so hard that I began wondering if at all she has even for once been a genuine friend to me.

My life crumbled right in front of me. It was an unbelievable reality.

“Have I ever wronged Chioma in any way? God knows I have only loved and sincerely cared for this girl all through her stay with me in school. So what brought about her sudden change in attitude towards me? how and when did it get to this? why wasn’t she a bit remorseful?” I wondered deeply unable to shed another tear out of shock. Indeed I used to hear that people do change but I never knew Omah’s change will happen this way.

To be continued…

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