Tamar episode 7

, Episode 7.

“we want the best for you princess, a man who can give you all you need, and will be able to take care of you and your children when the gods blesses you two, a man with a strong arm who will be able to protect you, a good man who has no stain to his name, Adolfo likes to read, he also teaches history at the temple school in his spare time, he only has one child, a son, who will not trouble you at all, he is a fine young man who manages his father business, he travels down to the museum close to the market place, he comes with his friends, according to his father, he is also brilliant like his Adolfo, so you won’t have a problem being a step mother to him, Adolfo is very intelligent and smart, he is only forty three..

“I said I will never marry him, I won’t father, no matter what you and mother says, I won’t marry a man old enough to be my father, a man I don’t love, what kind of parents are you two, sending your daughter to an old man to be his wife, allow me to make my own choice…I have tried not to disobey you father or mother, I sit when I’m ask to sit, I go out when I’m permitted to go out, I do everything I’m asked to do, even when Tamar was brought to me I did not want her at first but I ended up with her because you both insisted, lots of other things I have no choice than to accept and now this one…no way, I won’t marry him, I swear by the gods I won’t, I’m old enough to make my own choice, I want somebody as young as Vim, somebody filled with youthful pleasure, Adolfo or whatever his name is will not even be romantic, stop making choices for me…I love another person not Adolfo, the choices you make for me are usually bad, the gods bear me witness this day, I won’t marry him, to hell with him and everyone wanting my sadness, father you are just being self centered, because he is one of your wealthy friend and you decided to push your only daughter to him…what kind of father are you, and mother you are always agreeing to everything father says or does…this is pure wickedness…

I watch as Lord Reese stood up angrily and strike his daughter across the face and everyone seem shock, Zity was shock as she left her mouth wide open and her hand to her right cheek, Lady Phin called the husband to calm down, Vim looked at the father surprisingly, while Zity who was standing before, sat down and boast out crying, I just guess she has not being beaten before that’s why everyone seem surprise at Lord Reese reaction, Vim spoke up angrily

“Father, that wasn’t necessary, you don’t have to strike her to pass your message, what has gotten into everyone in this house, Zity deserve to make her choice, she said she doesn’t want Adolfo you have other younger wealthy friend of about thirty years who are never married you can choose for her since you don’t want her to make her choice or to be with the person she said she is in love with, can’t she be allowed to make her choice she is no more fifteen, Father, she can differentiate good from bad, Zity is not a child, nobody picked wife for you, you chose mother at a young age, she fell inlove with you and you both got married, and you are together ever since, growing old with her, the love never fades, I watch both of you and smile, that’s how marriage suppose to be, also give Zity that chance father please, mother, please talk to father because I know he only listens to you, mother when you brought Tamar and handed her over to Zity, she had no choice than to accept her, we all deserve some chance in our lives to make our own choice, striking her was not necessary father, there’s a better way to correct her and make her see reasons why you choose Adolfo for her, it shouldn’t come to enforcing law on her, we live in a land that allows us to worship different gods, and also freedom to do all we want without restriction…

“not to live a care free live and make mistakes, I am your father and when I speak I expects it to stand still, the citizen of this land takes my words seriously, they respect my every word yet my own children plays and toils with it, and question me on every given opportunity, I am the kind of father that want the best for her children and will not watch any of you make a bad choice that you will regret later, Vim, I may not have control over what you do because you are a grown man and you suppose to know the right thing, I feel proud of the fine young man you have become but I sometime feel disappointed at the way you live your life too, this few weeks you have being home and seem calm and collected, having few friends who visits, unlike before, although I don’t know what you are upto with your calm behavior which is unlike you, I know my two children like the palm of my hand, Abel act more like a son to me, because I watched him grow up into the man he is today, and he has never disappointed me, I can trust him with everything and feel at peace, why can’t two of you learn from your surrounding, don’t feel too big to learn even from a common slave, Zity was housed tutored on how to read and write, Vim we sent you to one of the best learning place with a great and most sorted teachers, to teach you. every thing I labored for is for you and your sister, you can chose to do away with it when the gods calls me to rest, I won’t be there to see what you do, I will be resting from all the toil and labor of life, me and your mother, she will not see the mess you will become if you keep up with your reckless life style, I have done my own part as a father and your mother has sacrificed too much for this household, the little we ask is to be obeyed, respected and love as we both deserve, stop being selfish, is not always about you, is about everyone, because the mistake you make today will affect those close to you tomorrow, I strike you Zity because you needed cautioning, there are things a child doesn’t say in the presence of her parents, and if I need to do it again I will, if that will make you listen and learn, nobody hates you we love you Zity, you are our princess and all we want is only the best for you, if I say you should marry Adolfo is just because I know Adolfo is a good man and he can take good care of you, he is a young friend to me, he got married on time and lost his wife to childbirth, Adolfo has never remarries, he single handedly brought up his only son, who is all grown now, Adolfo has maintained a good name, and has remained committed to his book, reading makes him feel like he was never lonely, he saw you one day coming out of his estate with your maid, Tamar, I asked you what you were doing faraway in Adolfo’s estate and you said you rode on a chariot to visit one of your sick friend there, and I believed you because you never lie to me and your mother, Adolfo saw you there twice and ask about you and he was given information on who you are, and he consulted me, Adolfo is the third district ruler which practically makes you the queen of that district if you get married to him, I’m not going to allow you to make a choice of choosing all this boys of this kingdom who still want to live a careless live, like your brother Vim, I don’t want you to have too much regrets, I love you my princess, I want you to be happy and I know with time you will learn to love Adolfo when you see the good man he is, just give this a chance and we will try to reduce our involvement in your personal life, I and your mother want the best for you, princess, at least you came to realized that the young maiden we got for you was actually not ugly and you seem happy with her, I have overheard her singing and telling you stories, she is humble and cares deeply for you like she will do to her sister, Tamar was a bad choice at first to you because you saw only the physical part of her but we look beyond physically and we felt at peace with her, we always have the best at heart for you, give Adolfo a chance and be royal and respectful to him, build up love in your heart for him, he deserve it, and allow him to be the husband of your dreams, everything is all about you, but I know lucrus, the goddess of fertility will see you through and will bless you with both male and female…

The wedding preparation began, and yet nobody knows of Zity and Adolfo’s son, Chakan, she was never allowed out again, she was to stay inside and under go some cleansing before her wedding day,

The day Adolfo visited, he was not old like Zity’s father, who was almost sixty, Adolfo was forty three years and he looks even younger than his age, and was also handsome, he dressed like a wealthy learned man, and speak fluently, Lord Reese and some other men sat at the big sitting chamber, while Adolfo spoke about history and with the way he said it, everyone was quietly listening to the interesting topic he raised,

I was among the people that served food and drinks on the first marriage gathering, Zity was quiet, she seem to have her own plan as she pretends to be happy and calm, but I know even her laughter wasn’t real, her heart was with Chakan, who sat beside his excited father, and chakan and Zity looks at each other shyly, they were cautiously looking at each other, so that they don’t attract attention to themselves,

On the wedding day, I saw different types of dressing, different dishes where prepared, different types of guest were present, we were given fine dresses to wear, Zity was beautifully dressed, she looks stunning as they covered her face with a veil and when Adolfo pulled back the veil she smiled, and the officiating old marriage priest bind them up with a colorful rope, which stands that their home will be exciting and colorful for two of them, the wedding vow was exchange, they drank the blessed water and I watch Zity smile beautifully as Adolfo kissed her lips, I looked at chakan’s face as he watch his father and Zity, his face was expressionless, I couldn’t tell if he was happy or sad, his eyes was fixed on Zity, the binding rope was later loosen and Adolfo danced with his wife,

After the whole ceremony was over, Zity followed her husband back to his estate, I was asked to stay behind for sometime until Zity settled in and send for me, so I stayed working with other household maids,

Abel came back and I couldn’t hold back my joy, I held him tight and refuse to let go even after seeing Vim passing by and watching me, Abel was laughing, and when I loosened up I kissed the back of his hand joyfully, which shows respect, he gentled squeezed my shoulder with a full smile before going down to greet Vim who was standing at his chamber’s balcony, Vim shake his hand warmly with a smile, and respond very well to Abel’s greeting, Vim asked him how his journey went Abel replied affirmatively, after the whole pleasantries, he went inside to greet lord Reese and his wife, Lady Phin, I waited for him outside the door as he sat down with them and discuss how his journey went and all the business transaction which was successful at the end after encountering few problem that made him stay more than he was suppose to stay, everyone seem so happy to see him back especially me, I have missed him so much, I was outside the door of Lord Reese chamber waiting for Abel so that I can tell him all the things that has happened while he was on away, Vim came and saw me there and I bent my head on seeing him, he stopped and looked at me, he wanted to say something but suddenly stop and walk into his father’s chamber where Abel was.

Abel took time talking and laughing with them, so I decided to go to the water fall, where he usually sit and pray, I sat there hoping he will come out soon and join me,

Since Zity left with Adolfo, her husband, to his estate, I have less to do, I just join the other slaves to do few things sometime, waiting till the time Zity will send for me,

I sat there for a very long time, it was already evening before Abel showed up, he has refreshed and changed his journey dusty cloth before coming down to the fountain which we also call the water fall, he look so handsome in his new cloths, and has slim down from the last time I saw him, I ran straight to him again and hugged him and he held my hand as we walk back to the fountain chair and sat down.

I thank God for making his journey a success, everyday without him in the house was so lonely, Vim maybe right about Abel, I have never seen Abel pick interest in women, I was the only girl mostly seen around him and yet he treats me like his sister, I like Abel because he builds my faith and he has a good heart, I like it when he smiles to me, it melt down my built up walls, if he ever wants to have a family tomorrow I know his wife will also be a believer just as him and she will be one of the luckiest woman because Abel will make a good husband and a great father too.


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