💋Episode 01💋

Cassandra’s Pov:

I sat on my giant bed with my laptop placed on my bed.

Actually I just want to browse out some newest and expensive outfits.

“Arrghh… This gown looks rather cheap” I snorted as I scrolled down.

I took some chips from the tray on the stool beside my bed.

I ate the chips as I sipped my glass of orange squash.

I continued scrolling until I came across a very expensive sneakers.

This is so beautiful…. I said under my breath.

“4 million dollars?” I said as I saw the price.

My jaw dropped!

How the fvck do I get such a huge of amount of money?

I scratched my head.

An idea popped into my head and I smiled mischievously.

“I can actually buy that with my credit card” I chuckled

All I need to do is to steal my credit card from mom’s room.

I can’t wait to buy and wear such an expensive sneakers.

Am going to be the biggest girl in school.

Of course I’ve always been spotlight in school.

This will add to it.

I was still engrossed in my thoughts when the old annoying nanny came in.

“Cassie! It’s time for dinner” She said as she touched my hair.

I looked at her in disgust as I pushed her hand away roughly.

“Excuse me Miranda! Are you always this stupid?” I yelled angrily at her.

“Cassie I don’t understand….” She tried to talk.

“Shut up! Can’t you see that I had my hair done in an expensive saloon?” I said as I quickly sprang up from the bed.

“Oh am sorry about that dear” She said as she coughed slightly.

“Gosh! Ewww… You’re so gross!” I said as I pushed the old nanny and walked out of the room.

That lady…. 😠😠

She’s so annoying!

Touching my precious hair with her filthy hands.

Does she know who I am really?

Or is she just being stupid?

I shrugged as I walked downstairs majestically.

Mommy and daddy where already at the dinning.

But they are not yet eating!

Of course no-one eats until the princess is present.

“Oh baby! You kept us waiting” Mom said softly

“Am sorry momma!” I said as she smiled.

“Come on now eat up” Dad said as I hugged him and sat down.

The servants opened the food and dished it out as I was busy with my cell phone.

I opened the plate of food.

“Gross…..!!” I yelled on top of my voice.

Mom and dad flinched including the maids.

“Cassie! What is it baby?” Mom asked anxiously

“What? I can’t believe this! I get whatever I want right mom? Right daddy?” I asked as they nodded in agreement.

“Then why would macaroni and cheese be prepared when I want chicken stew and rice?” I yelled angrily

“But Cassie macaroni used to be your favorite?” Mom said softly

“”Used to be mom! Used to be….” I said as I pushed the plate carelessly and it broke into pieces.

I quickly stood up.

“I lost my appetite!” I said as I turned to leave.

“Cassandra Salvador!” Dad called with a mean voice.

I became scared but I didn’t show it.

I only stood at a place backing him.


Dad has always been an obstacle to me.

He never ever supports me no matter what I do.

“Don’t you have manners?” Dad said angrily

“Dad I don’t want that for dinner” I said rudely

“You shut up!” He yelped

“George please calm down!” Mom said

“I don’t care what you think daddy but I don’t want that and I won’t eat that! The maids should fix a different thing for me to eat” I said as I ran upstairs.

I rushed into my room and banged the door.

I fumed in anger as I walked up and down restlessly in the room.

I wonder why daddy hates me so much….

Am his only child for crying out loud.

Just then I heard a knock on my door.

“Baby please open the door” That was mom’s voice.

“Go away mom! I don’t want to talk to you” I said as I hugged my teddy bear tight.



I walked downstairs with my school bag hanged on my right hand.

“Good morning miss Cassie!” The maids chorused as I walked downstairs.

I kept mute and walked past them.

Of course I can’t have anything to do with those cheap things.

“Cassie! Here is your lunch box!” Mom said

“No thank you!” I said as I walked past her and daddy.

I walked straight to the garage and hopped into my car.


They are all bunch of annoyance.

Especially daddy!

I drove out of the compound as I fixed my earpod into my ears.


Let me do a little intro on myself.

My name is Cassandra Salvador!

19 years old and filthy rich…

Am from one of the richest family all over the country.

More like a celebrity!

And I attend the most expensive school in town.

I get whatever I want… I mean WHATEVER!

Am the girls role model and the guys crush.

But who cares?

Cassie can never have anything to do with lowlife’s like them!

I have a boyfriend though.

Jake Humphrey….

He’s the cutest and richest guy in school.

St Peter’s high school is everyone’s dream.

Thank goodness!

It’s not for free loaders!

And believe me when I say Jake is all mine.

No-one dares question me.

But I have a rival though!

Amelia Suarez!

She’s from a wealthy family too but I hate her with passion.

She also had a crush on my Jake.

She’s my worst enemy!

Enough of the introductions ….

I drove into the school garage and packed my car.

I got down from the car with an air of authority.

As some stupid girls and boys begged to take a selfie with me.


I dare not do that…

I only shooed them as I catwalked into the school premises.

I was in a hurry.

Suddenly, I bumped into someone and guess what?

The cheap ice cream she was holding poured all over my dress.

I gave out a shrieking scream as I landed a dirty slap on her face….


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