Switched episode 20


💋Episode 20💋

Gracie’s Pov:

Tears welled down my face continuously as mopped my face with a handkerchief.

“Why the heck are you crying Gracie? You should be happy you found your real parents” Mona patted my back.

“Mona! Am happy that am finally going to be with my real parents but I just can’t bear this” I wept

“Bear what Gracie?” Mona asked

“The news is all over the school and Cassandra feels that I stole her life from her” I cried

Mona scoffed….

“She was the one who stole a life from you” Mona said

“Mona how am I going to live in such a big house with no siblings?” I worried

“And you prefer living in a small house where you’re being treated like a slave and you have siblings?” Mona cried out.

“Mona to be honest am really going to miss them… Am going to miss my friends so badly especially Naomi” I wailed

“You know girl…. Living with your parents is going to be more fun!” Mona said

“Oh Mona! You know I don’t want this too right?” I cried

“I know” Mona said as I hugged her tightly.

“So what’s the court’s final verdict?” Mona asked anxiously

“Nothing yet… But there will be a hearing tomorrow and possibly the last” I said in tears.

“Oh God! I just hope this works out!” Mona said calmly.

Cassandra’s Pov:

It was leisure time….

I was very famished so I headed towards the cafeteria with my friends.

“Cassie! What would you like for lunch” Lucy asked

“Apple juice and smashed potatoes with chicken” I said as we walked into the cafeteria.

I looked around in shock….

We stood at a place for five minutes…

We exchanged glances!

Normally, whenever I walk into the cafeteria all the students leaves immediately.

But right now, no-one noticed my presence.

“Hey! What are you guys still doing here?” I yelled angrily

They clapped their hands and made jest of me laughing.

We became embarrassed.

“Excuse me! Did she just say we should leave?” one of them said audibly

“That’s stupid! We should tell her to shoo because she’s nothing but a slum girl” Amelia said loudly.

Shame filled my face as I bowed my head.

This is worst humiliation I’ve ever gotten…

They laughed loudly.

My friends parted from me as they walked to a table.

“How dare you Amelia?” I shouted as I raised my hand to slap her but she held my hand and pushed me hard on the ground.

My butts landed on the hard floor and the students hit their hands on the desk laughing.

“You belong in the slums Cassandra so go back to where you belong” Amelia said as they supported her.

“You will all pay for this!” I cried as I rushed out of the cafeteria.

I ran as fast as my legs could carry me.

Tears didn’t stop running down my face.

I headed straight to the restroom and banged the door.

I leaned against the door and gradually slumped on the ground in tears.

This is all your fault Gracie.


I can’t believe those students talked back at me.

Talk more of making me look like a piece of trash.

My cell phone rang aloud

It was mommy….

📱Hello mommy…. I said as I wiped off my tears

📱Hey baby! Please do come back early today OK…. Mom said

📱Why mom?… I asked

📱Just come home early baby. Mom said and hung up.

I shook my head.

Why did she hang up so early?

I have to make Gracie pay for everything she has done to me.

I have to teach her a lesson

I can’t believe I’ve not only been belittled but has also become an object of ridicule.

I have to use this to my favour!

I smirked wickedly.


I walked downstairs with my books in my hands.

I saw Gracie climbing upstairs with Mona.

I walked closer to her and pushed her roughly and she fell hard on the ground.

Luckily Mona caught her.

“Cassandra you almost hurt her badly” Mona screamed at me.

I rolled my eyes.

Gracie only kept mute as she cleaned her body.

They turned to leave but I held Gracie’s hair and dragged her back.

“Ouchh…. You’re hurting me!” Gracie cried

“You might think you have won Gracie but believe me, enjoy while you can cos it won’t last… I will take back everything you are stealing from me” I said harshly

“I stole nothing from you Cassandra!! Am as confused as you are” Gracie said as she walked away from me.

I will make your life hell Gracie!

You will forever regret that you crossed my path.


I drove into the mansion and parked my car at the garage

I walked into the house.

I saw momma and daddy sitting at the sitting room crying.

The nanny was also sitting beside mom and consoling her.

“Hi mommy…Hi daddy!” I said as they calmly nodded.

That was when I sighted my bags all packed up and placed beside the stairs.

My heart skipped a beat.

The door was thrown open and Mr Fred walked in.

“Mommy! Daddy what’s going on?” I asked anxiously in tears.

Mommy quickly hugged me tightly.

“Please calm down baby” Daddy said

Mom couldn’t talk, she was already in tears.

I burst into tears as I held mommy tight.

“Mommy please don’t give me to him!” I cried out.

“Please leave my baby” Mommy said sharply

I held mommy so tight and mom held me too.

“Mommy I don’t want to go with him…” I wailed uncontrollably…..


To be continued…..

I think say you be hard girl 😝😝

Pack your bags and leave! 🚶

Whose with me?

Stay tuned

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