Switched episode 2


💋Episode 02💋

Gracie’s Pov:

I got down from the tricycle as I walked into the school premises with my aunt Kristine.

I looked around the school premises in astonishment.

St Peter’s high school…. My dream school!

The school compound was so wide…

My jaw dropped in astonishment.

“Gracie! Move it… Let’s head towards the principal’s office” Aunt Kristine tapped me smacking me back to consciousness.

“I can’t believe am finally going to school here… In such a big school” I shrieked in excitement.

“Come on Gracie…. Some students are watching” Aunt Kristine said as I gulped.

I followed her as we walked towards the office.

Anxiety filled my mind as I licked my ice cream.

Today is the happiest day of my entire life.

So finally am going to be a student in St Peter’s high school.

Who would have thought that it’s even possible?

A poor church rat like Gracie Montes.

Anyways let me introduce myself to you guys first.

Am Gracie Montes..

18 years old and beautiful as well.

But poor…. 😥

I live in the slums with my drunkard father and my mother.

And aunt Kristine…. Whose my mother’s younger sister.

Mother and father hates me so much and I wonder why.

Only aunt Kristine cares about me.

I have two other siblings.

Anyways guys…. We’ll talk later for now, I have to walk faster.

We are almost getting close to the principal’s office.

And I have to finish my ice cream up before we get there.

I still can’t believe I got a scholarship to school here.

It’s a dream come true.

I walked behind aunt Kristine.

Suddenly, a rich posh girl bumped into me.

I gasped as the ice cream threw all over her body.

She screamed in disgust.

“You piece of trash!” she yelled as I tried apologizing.

Before I could say a word, she already landed a resounding slap on my cheeks.

Tears welled down my face as I held my cheeks in shock.

Aunt Kristine rushed to me and hugged me tightly.

The rich girl felt no remorse.

She only kept yelping in annoyance.

She was already causing a scene.

“Cassie! That’s enough!!” Another girl rushed to her.

The whole place was already crowdy.

“Oh please… Don’t tell me that Lucy” She said as she quickly opened her bag.

She brought out a bottle of dye.

Everyone gasped as she opened the dye and threw it on me.

She pushed me away and walked out as the crowd went with her.

I was already looking very dirty.

I looked at my aunt Kristine and burst into tears again and we hugged each other.

Cassandra’s Pov:

I fumed in anger as I walked restlessly up and down.

“Calm down Cassie!” Lucy said as I groaned in pain.

“Calm down? Really? You want me to calm down? How do I do that?” I cried out

“Cassandra you already messed her up too” Joann said

“That’s not enough!” I said as I pushed the mug on the table down.

“Cassandra you made the girl look like an idiot right in front of everyone” Lucy said as she backed me.

“Oh shut the fvck up Lucy! You are such a good for nothing girl….. That girl has to pay for staining my expensive dress” I fumed

“You already stained her with a dye” Joann added

“Why are you guys being so stupid? I am Cassandra Salvador no-one messes with me and go scold free and that girl is no exception” I said as I gulped hard.

“I agree with Cassie! Who the heck is she? I haven’t seen her in school before” Kiara said

The three of them… Lucy, Kiara and Joann are my best friends.

“Uhmm… Yeah!” Lucy said as she rolled her eyes.

“And yuck! She looks stinky… I mean very poor” Kiara squeezed her face.

“But that doesn’t mean Cassie should treat her the way she did” Joann added

“Whatever! Everything is so annoying” I yelled as I sat on the stool.

“What is it again?” Kiara said

“Is it your dad once more?” Joann asked

“As usual… He’s the most annoying person in the world!” I groaned

“So you were just taking out your anger on the poor innocent girl” Lucy said sharply.

“I hate them so much…. You won’t believe this! The stupid maids prepared something I don’t want to eat all because of my dad” I said

“Eww… I would strangle those maids if I were you” Kiara said

“Kiara please… Stop adding the whole thing up” Lucy half yelled

“Whatever!” They chorused

Just then, Jake walked in looking very much angry.

I saw him and sprang up.

“Hello baby!” I said as I walked closer to him to peck him but he pushed me roughly.

“Stop that Cassandra!” He said as I flinched.

“What’s going on?” I asked as he dragged me away from my friend’s.

“Let go of me Jake! You’re hurting me” I said as I snatched my hand from him.

“What was that for Cassie?” He asked anxiously

“What was what for?” I rolled my eyes

“For goodness sake Cassandra who does that? Why would you disgrace the new student in the presence of everybody?” He asked angrily.

I looked at him in disbelief and scoffed.

“Is this about that wretch?” I eyed him angrily

“Cassandra she is not a wretch! Just look at this… The picture is all over the school’s group chat” Jake said

I sighed loudly.

“And so what? The freaking bitch stained my expensive dress with her cheap ice cream” I said

“Gosh! You know what Cassandra? your attitude sucks” Jake snorted

“Why the hell are you siding with that flirt? Am your girlfriend Jake” I blurted out

“Yes you are my girlfriend but your character is so annoying! You’re too proud Cassandra Salvador” He half yelled at me.

“Of course am a princess and should behave as one” I added

“Do you know that you embarrassed the poor girl?” Jake asked

“And I won’t mind embarrassing her again and again if am opportuned to” I said without remorse.

“Gosh! I hate your guts Cassandra.. She’s just a new scholar” He said as I widened my eyes in shock.

“What? That church rat is going to school here?” I grunted

“And what’s wrong with that?” Jake asked

“Everything Jake! everything is wrong with it! I can’t believe that am going to be in the same school with that brat” I said as I walked out in annoyance.

Gracie’s Pov:

Aunt Kristine and I walked out of the principal’s office.

Thank goodness! The scholarship has been processed.

Even though I looked like a swine.

“Aunt Kristine is that how all rich kids do?” I asked

“I guess so” Aunt Kristine said.

I only shook my head in disappointment.

I looked at my body, I was so dirty due to the dye.

Suddenly, aunt Kristine’s cell phone beeped.

She flinched.

“Oh no! Gracie dear I really have to go now… My client is waiting” She said as I nodded and she handed some money to me.

She rushed off as I walked gradually to the gate.

My stomach grumbled noisily.

I yawned hungrily.

I haven’t had breakfast and it’s past 4pm already.

Suddenly, my eyes turned around and my head hurts so badly.

I tried to hold myself but I couldn’t.

I collapsed but someone caught me.

A handsome guy caught me in his arms…..



Whose the handsome guy? 🤔🤔

Anyways let’s keep balling! 😘

Stay tuned!

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