Switched episode 19

💋Episode 19💋

Cassandra’s Pov:

I burst into tears as they stared at me in astonishment.

“So you’re not my real parents?” I pointed at my mom.

“No Cassie! N9 baby…. Calm down” Mommy said as she rushed to me and kissed my forehead.

“Mom tell me this is not true….. Tell me it’s all a lie! Tell me that am the real Salvador” I cried out

“Oh baby you’re my daughter…. You’re my real daughter” Mom said as I hugged her tightly.

“The truth must be said… Cassandra you heard it right, you are my daughter” Mr Fred said

I quickly pushed him roughly.

“Stay away from me! You bunch of failure…. I can never be your daughter… I can never come from the slums” I screamed.

“Cassandra! My child please forgive me” Mrs Martha cried as the police dragged her out of the room with the mid wife.

My friends shook their heads.

“Lucy do you believe them? Don’t tell me you do, I can never be Montes” I wailed as mom hugged me tightly.

“Please calm down Casandra! This is bad for your health” Mom pleaded in tears.

“No mom! It’s more bad for my health to go to the slums” I wailed as they held me back.

Gracie’s Pov:

Mona handed the buttered bread to me and I bit deep into it hungrily.

“Yummy Mona! This is really delicious” I said happily.

“We just want you to get well so that we can go back to school” Jake said

We shared a laugh happily.

Just then, the ward’s door throw open and my father together with Mr and Mrs Salvador walked in.

I forced a smile at them.

But I was really surprised.

“Good day ma’am” I greeted

Mona and Jake greeted them too.

Mrs Charlotte’s Salvador who was just clingy to her husband was so quiet.

They exchanged glances at each other getting me confused the more.

“Sir? Ma’am? Are you OK?” I asked anxiously

“My daughter….” Mrs Charlotte called me in tears and hugged me tightly.

I stared at my friends in surprise.

I was short of words.

“Ma’am! Did you just call me your daughter?” I asked confused

“Why are you guys keeping her in the dark? Tell her the truth already” Father said.

“What truth? Where is mother and what’s going on?” I asked

“Yes Gracie! You are my daughter, our daughter….” Mr Sam said

I shook my head in disbelief.

“That’s not true! Right Mona? Am not a Salvador right Jake?” I asked

“Am confused too Gracie!” Mona whispered

“Father what’s going on? How am I their daughter? What about Cassandra?” I asked as Mrs Charlotte cried the more.

She quickly hugged me tightly.

“You both were SWITCHED” Father said as my jaw dropped.

“Cassandra comes from the slums?” Gracie screamed out.

Cassandra’s Pov:

I sulked bitterly as I covered my head with the pillow.

Actually this is the third day I locked myself inside the room.

Those words kept ringing in my ears…. “CASSANDRA IS NOT THE REAL SALVADOR”.

I yelled angrily as I threw the flower vase.

And it broke into pieces.

I can never be a Montes…..

I can never come from the slums…..

I am Cassandra Salvador and no-one will take away my name.

I hate you so much Gracie….

You have stolen everything from me!

Gracie you will pay for this….

I looked around my room and tears welled down my chubby cheeks.

So all of this is not mine!

No! No!! I can never let Gracie take away all my right.

I can’t be a Montes.

I am not from the slums….

I gave out a thrilling shout and the nanny rushed into my room.

“Miss Cassie! Are you OK?” She asked anxiously

“Get out of my room right now” I yelled at her as she flinched and rushed off.

I burst into tears again.


I walked downstairs to the dinning.

Mommy and daddy was already eating at the dinning.

I sat quietly as I stared at their faces.

“Mom! What did the court say?” I asked

“Baby you are my daughter no matter what” mom said

“Dad please don’t let me go back to the slums” I cried

“Cassandra you are going back to your real parents very soon” Dad said

My jaw dropped…

“NO! I CAN NEVER GO TO THE SLUMS” I yelled as I rushed upstairs……


To be continued…..

Stay tuned!

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