Switched episode 17

💋Episode 17💋

Charlotte’s Pov:

We stared at each other in confusion.

Then the husbands stared at the wives…..

“Doctor are you sure of what you’re saying?” I asked anxiously

“Did you mistake their result as ours?” Mr Fred said

“It’s 100% accurate sir” The doctor said.

We stared at each other again.

“So what does this mean doctor?” Sam asked

“Medically Mr Sam, the result simply says that Cassandra Salvador is not your real daughter and that Gracie Monte’s is your real daughter” The doctor said.

I scoffed in disbelief.

“What are you insinuating doctor? Cassandra is my real daughter” I cried out.

“I don’t get a thing right now” Mr Fred asked

“The truth is that the girls are SWITCHED” The doctor said as our jaws dropped.

Mrs Martha kept mute the whole time and I wondered why.


I walked into the ward with tears streaming down my face.

Cassandra was already awake.

Thoughts kept running through my mind.

If Cassandra is not my daughter and Gracie is… Then how?

I quickly wiped off my tears and walked towards Cassandra.

“Mommy!” Cassandra said forcing a smile at me.

I sniffed as I cleared my throat.

“Uhmm… Baby how are you feeling now?” I asked trying hard to control myself.

“Mommy are you OK?” She asked me

I nodded my head and patted her hair.

“Am fine sweetie just get well soon OK?” I said

“of course mom” She said still looking at me surprisingly.

“And don’t forget that whatever happens, you will remain my daughter” I said as she shook her head.

Gracie’s Pov:

Mother walked into my ward with father.

They were rather too quiet and calm.

They stared at me and stared at each other in astonishment.

As usual, they cared less about me so they didn’t talk to me.

They only walked away still looking disturbed.

I became confused….

Just then, I heard a shrieking scream from outside.

It was my best friend Mona and Jake.

They stormed into my ward.

Smiles escaped my lips as I saw them.

“Gracie……!!!” They screamed and hugged me tightly.

“I really missed you so much” I said in excitement.

“Am back to school now Gracie” Jake said as I smiled.

“You know what Gracie? There are lots of gists for you” Mona said

“Really?” I asked in happiness.

“Oh dearest Gracie! I miss you so much” Jake said

“Uhmm… Jake have you gone to see Cassie? She’s here too” I said

Jake bowed his head.

“I haven’t and I’ve got no plans of doing that” He said

I only kept mute.

That was when I remembered my bead bangle.

Kiara’s Pov:

I handed a glass of milk to my friend Cassandra.

She’s getting a lot better and we were very happy.

“Uhmm… Girl have your boyfriend visited?” Lucy asked

Cassandra quickly frowned her face.

“He hasn’t but I got a get well soon card from his mom aunt Veronica” Cassandra said

“Hmm… But I saw him at the hospital garage this morning” I said

“I knew it! He must have gone to visit Gracie” Joann said

“That girl doesn’t know when to stop huh?” Cassandra groaned in anger.

“Oh calm down friend! You shouldn’t get yourself worked up for that stupid slum girl…. I think am famished… I’ll go get some food from the cafeteria” I said

“Just get some yoghurt and cookies for me too” Lucy said as I left the room.

I was heading to the cafeteria when I heard some whispering.

I walked closer to the door and eavesdropped.

Mr Sam’s Pov:

We sat down in absolute tranquility.

One could hear the sound of a pin…..

I cleared my throat and spoke up.

“Well since we still don’t have the full explanation on how our daughters were switched and they were born in the same hospital on the same day as well, I just brought the mid wife” I said.

Mrs Martha gasped in shock to everyone’s surprise as the midwife walked in.

“Now please clear our mind… How did my daughter Gracie get into the hands of the Monte’s” Charlotte said

The mid wife stared at Mrs Martha hard.

“Speak now” Mr Fred ordered.

“She knows everything” the midwife said pointing at Mrs Martha.

“Mrs Martha?” Charlotte screamed

Mrs Martha quickly went on her knees as she burst into tears…..


To be continued!

Are we ready to unfold the story? 😉

I knew Mrs Martha knows something…

But what?

Stay tuned!

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