Switched episode 10


💋Episode 10💋

Gracie’s Pov:

My jaw dropped in shock….

What the heck is Jake talking about?

He stood boldly in front of the principal.

“But you weren’t in school when…” I tried saying but he cut me off.

“I weren’t in class… I was the volley ball court” He lied again as he winked at me.

The principal stared at him in confusion.

I was so gobsmacked.

I looked around in confusion.

Did Jake really do that?

Of course he wasn’t even in school….

Is he just trying to save me?

“Jake! Are you saying that you stole the answer script from the teacher’s office?” The principal asked

“Yes ma’am! I stole it from the teacher’s office” He said fearlessly.

I scoffed and shook my head in disbelief.

“But Jake why would you do something like that?” I asked anxiously

“Yes! Why did you have to set Miss Montes up?” The principal asked

“Uhmm… Ma’am I… I didn’t want to set her up the thing is, she’s my very good friend and I wanted her to pass the exams so without her knowledge I stole the answer script” He defended her.

I pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t sleeping.

Who in his right sense of mind would get into trouble for a crime he never committed.

“Are you trying to tell me that you are the culprit” The principal said and he nodded his head.

“Uhm… Miss Montes am very sorry for the accusations… You may leave now” The principal said as I nodded.

I looked at Jake in nervousness.

He’s so in trouble right now!

I wonder why he could think of something like this?

I walked out of the office sluggishly.

🚶 🚶

Mona rushed to me as she saw me coming..

She was in tears.

“Gracie! What happened?” she asked nervously seeing the gloomy look on my face.

I blinked hard as I sat down.

“Mona! Who told Jake that I was being queried at the principal’s office?” I asked sadly

“I did… I told him! Please stop keeping me in the dark Gracie… What’s really going on?” Mona asked

“Jake admitted to stealing the answer script” I said as Mona popped out her eyes in shock.

“What? Jake did what?” Mona shrieked in shock

“He admitted to everything and I was set free” I cried

“But he didn’t do it…. I think it was Cassandra” Mona said surprised.

“He just admitted to something he didn’t do just to make sure that scholarship still goes on” I weep

Students walked past us pointing at me.

I guess they are all gossiping as usual.

But who cares? 🙄

Am just after how Jake will clear his name too.

Jake’s Pov:

“I am totally disappointed in you Mr Humphrey? How could you of all people do something like this” The principal scolded

“Am sorry ma’am” I bowed my head in guilt.

“You should be sorry for yourself… If not that your father is one of the school’s biggest supporters, you would have been expelled from school” The principal said

“Am sorry ma’am! I just wanted to help my friend” I added

“For your information Mr Jake Humphrey, you have been given a week suspension for your actions” The principal said as I breathed heavily.

I opened my mouth to talk but closed it again.

“You may leave now” She ordered as I walked away.

I just have to do this for Gracie.

I don’t want her to be expelled from school or for her scholarship to be ripped off.

I walked back to the classroom.


“Jake?” a familiar voice echoed from behind.

I quickly found out the owner of the voice.

It was Gracie!

There was a trace of tears in her voice.

I backed her and her friend Mona.

“Jake why? Why?” She burst into tears.

I blinked hard to prevent tears from running down my face.

“Gracie! It’s nothing… I just don’t want your scholarship to be taken away” I said

“Oh Jake! You just risked your own welfare” Mona cried

“A week suspension! That’s fairer than what you would have gone through” I said

“Thank you so much Jake!” Gracie cried as she rushed into my arms and I hugged her tightly.

As we wept in each others arms.

Cassandra’s Pov:

We were still merrying when the student I paid to falsely accuse Gracie rushed in panting.

“You peasant! What is it?” I yelled at her

“Duh! Can’t you see that we are busy” Kiara snorted

“You are so clumsy” Lucy added

“Let’s hear her out first… What is it?” Joann asked

“It’s Gracie! She has been freed” She said as we popped our eyes out in shock.

“What?” I asked

“Yes! And Jake admitted to stealing the answer script so he has been given a week suspension” She said.

“WHAT?” I cried out……


To be continued….

This episode sweet me 😘

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