Struggling Stars (complete story

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Mrs. Davidson stood at the door staring at his only son, “Mum, for how long have you been there staring at me, and you didn’t pray with me this morning, Why?”

“I’m sorry Darling I woke up late, I’m already late for work when I come back we’ll pray.”

“Mum the hours you spent staring at me could be used to pray with me, are you sure you are fine,” He asked with so much concern

She held him and began to cry, “You were not like this when I gave birth to you, I tried everything possible to bring you out of this predicament but none worked out, I’m not happy seeing you like this Imma”

“Mummy then I should die, I heard Doctor Prince telling you to allow him inject me to death, why did you say no, you should let me go and rest, you don’t deserve this kind of life.

“No son please, Doctor Prince did not say that ” she sighed “How did he hear it,” she thought deeply

Their doorbell rang, “That should be your nanny, I will be back soon” She rushed out quickly after exchanging pleasantries with the Nanny; Miss Gladys.

“Good morning Imma” She pecked him
“You pecked me, with the scars all over me; my skinny body and wrinkled face. My mum will never do that”
“That does not mean she does not love you moreover I owe you thanks,” Gladys said smiling
“Thanks for what?”
“The advice you gave yesterday worked out pretty well. I was able to settle the debt.
“Wow, all glory to God, Aunty Gladys I need your favour”
“What’s that?”
“There’s an international conference coming up tomorrow, please I want you to take me there, is tagged STARS Conference.”
“This is a big task Imma, your mum will not be happy with me if she finds out. Why don’t you watch it on TV”
“Please ma, I want to be there live” He showed her the venue.
“I will try my best”
“Thank you Aunty Gladys now is lecture time”.
“You should eat first” Imma frowned his face “please eat for your health”

Imma David was the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Davidson, he began to show symptoms of muscular dystrophy when he was 6years old. The situation grew worse as he grows. His Dad died when he clocked 10, his mother who was a Bank Manager has been the one caring for him. She will not take him out to avoid being mocked. She stopped him from schooling at age 15.

His nanny; Aunty Gladys was heaven’s sent. She showed him total kindness. she enrolled him in an online class, and we’ll always take him out without feeling embarrassed, unlike the mother.
They learn, play, and gist a lot, which has helped the boy reduce mental stress.

As soon as the mother left for work the following day, he dressed him up for the conference. The conference started on their arrival.

“We appreciate you all who made it to this conference. STARS Conference 2004 is already a success” The moderator announced as the audience clapped joyfully

I will be bringing our first guest speaker please with a standing ovation let’s welcome Mrs. Maryam. She stood up in her beautiful dress and walked majestically to the podium.

“Thank you all please do have your seat, welcome your neighbors, congratulate them because this is the best place they can be today”

“Congratulations,” Imma told his neighbor but got no reply, the neighbor was a lady of his age. she has beauty but her dress was looking tattered.

The speaker continued; “STARS don’t struggle to shine, but we still have the struggling ones, most especially the ones with SCARS. They lose confidence in themselves, they feel inferior at all times, and they think they cannot do what others are doing. I’ve been in that position so I know what I’m saying I hid for good 15years” she began to cry and the audience concentrated more. She removed her face shield and the people screamed seeing her burnt face.
“My Jealous boyfriend poured acid on my face some years back. I stayed indoors because I don’t want anybody to see my ugly face. I began to struggle like many other stars out there living with scars. Then one day I took off the challenge, I was playing basketball before the incident so I went back to the ball court. I began to win medals, my scars made it easy for people to Identity me. I became a Star.” The congregations clapped, some in tears. “Seat down please I want you to study the word ‘Star’ and ‘Scar’ you’ll notice they both have four-letter words the only difference is the letter T in star and the letter C in the scar. Now hear this; The letter ‘T’ in stars stands for Takeoff while ‘C’ in scars stands for “Challenges” stand up everyone, take off the challenges, face reality stop struggling to shine, Stars don’t struggle!” She exclaimed with a loud voice and dropped the mic.

Imma’s eyes were filled with tears. “I’m taking off this challenge”. The lady sitting beside him wiped the tears for him, he was shocked “Thank you” he said but the girl did not reply.
“She can not hear you” her mother replied behind.
“Why can’t she?”
“She’s deaf and dump. She understands sign language, she can read as well” He smiled at the Lady and she smiled back at him.
“I’m inviting the two of you for lunch at my house after the conference hope you don’t mind”
“Is ok” The mother nodded in agreement?
“Why will you make such a decision without first informing me” Gladys countered him angrily
“Aunty Gladys I’m sorry I like the girl, I don’t mind having her as my friend”

To be continued…

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