She is mine episode 8


Chapter 8

Sandra get well soon… Michael prayed silently

Sandra’s mum stared at him and shook her head, she turned her face to the other side to avoid eye contacts with Michael
Khloe was at the other side of the ward talking with Edozie who was throwing his car key up and down

Babe we need to leave tonight, Sandra’s health is getting worse…. Khloe said

I know,we need to get out of here tonight with or without Kiara… Edozie replied rubbing his palms together

Where are we even going to? Khloe asked stretching her neck to see if someone was eavesdropping

I don’t even know Khloe… maybe we should just go to Benin or Awka..He suggested

We can actually stay here in Abuja without them knowing our whereabouts.. Khloe said

If you say so… Edozie replied and got up

Sandra stared at the ceiling fan and sighed, she held her daughter’s fingers and tried praying for her but couldn’t, the little girl looked at her mum and blinked

Why are you crying mum? Kiara asked

I’m not crying Kiara, always be a good girl Kiara… her mum said

I’ve always been a good girl mum.. she replied shaking her head

I know, don’t cry when I travel to heaven okay….

I’ll follow you to heaven,I want to see God and the angel’s Auntie Khloe has been telling me about.. Kiara said demonstrating her words with her fingers

You can’t follow me to heaven alive, where is Khloe? Sandra asked her daughter trying to change the topic

How will you go to heaven mum? Do you want to die?

No Kiara,where is Khloe,go and call her for me.. Sandra said and pushed her slowly

Sandra closed her eyes and some words to herself and slept off

Khloe and Edozie were nowhere to be found , Paschal and Michael searched for them everywhere but couldn’t find them

They eloped.. Michael said

What!!!! Sandra’s mum screamed

We couldn’t find them..

Michael turned and left the ward to see the doctor

Where is her husband,he needs to sign this before we conduct the transplant on her… The doctor said showing him a file

Her husband is nowhere to be found please let me sign it, her life is at risk doctor.. Michael begged

Who are you to her? The doctor asked

I’m her supposed husband but she chose my friend over me..He replied almost crying

You can’t sign this Mr Man… the doctor said and left the office

Michael followed him behind,he continued begging him but he didn’t care to listen to him
Michael left the hospital with tears,he went to a bar and drank himself to stupor
He was dragged home by paschal who was screaming his name and warned him never to try such thing again

Khloe was already pregnant for Edozie, immediately she saw the test result she begged the doctor to abort the child
She called Edozie and told him about the pregnancy, Edozie also begged the doctor to abort the child giving him the impression that they weren’t ready

The doctor did as he was told, the abortion almost took Khloe’s life
Edozie promised to be careful the next time….

Sandra should be dead by now.. Edozie said rubbing Khloe’s waist

She should just die I don’t even know what she is waiting for.. Khloe replied

When are we going to see my parents Edozie? Khloe asked

Babe we haven’t settled down yet, let’s buy enough properties first before going to see your parents.. Edozie said

My mum asked for Seven hundred thousand yesterday and I promised to send it to her today… She lied

Seven hundred thousand for what? Does she want to mould bricks with it? Edozie asked startled

She needs the money honey, you know she is a business woman..

I’ll do the transfer later in the evening just drop the account number for me..he replied

Are you angry? She is your in-law so do whatever she ask you to do.. Khloe said and got up from the bed

Sandra lay on her bed tired, she asked her mum to bring her daughter closer and she did
She said a silent prayer for her daughter and gave up the ghost

Sandra! Her mum shouted

Sandra!! Michael screamed from the other end

Sandra please don’t do this to us.. Michael cried holding her hands

Sandra please, Sandra your mum is calling you,I know you’re hearing me please wake up.. Her mum cried touching her swollen face

Paschal looked closely and tapped Michael

This person doesn’t look like Sandra…He said silently

What do you mean paschal? Michael asked taking a good look at Sandra

She doesn’t look like her are you blind?

You’re saying trash paschal, please leave here.. Michael shouted and started crying begging Sandra to come back to live

Paschal sneezed thrice and left the ward,he sat outside lamenting

To Be Continued ๐Ÿค—

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