She is mine episode 6


Chapter 6

Sandra I know you still love Michael.. Edozie said after Michael had left

Michael is married so he should let me be.. Sandra replied crying

Michael isn’t married.. Khloe chipped

Edozie scratched his hair, stood up and left them to continue with their arguments

I’ve been wanting to ask you this Khloe.. Sandra said wiping off her tears

What’s it? Khloe asked as her heart skipped

The abortion pills in your bag…

Abortion pills? There’s nothing like that in my bag.. Khloe denied

Khloe you’re lying, should I go and get them? Sandra asked

You don’t have the right to do that Sandra, even if I’m taking abortion pills it’s non of your business,I am old enough to decide what I want for myself.. Khloe said double crossing her leg

So you chose abortion pills for yourself Khloe,who is the guy please?

Don’t worry.. Khloe said filing her nails

Sandra stared at her with shock written all over her face, she sighed and left the parlour with her daughter


Paschal that child belongs to me, she is mine! Michael screamed

Michael calm down, take it easy please.. Paschal said

Edozie wants to see the other side of me and I promise to show him what I am made of.. Michael ranted

Paschal turned on the fan and lay on the couch with his bare body,he was trying to pick up the pillow when Khloe entered
He saw her legs first and looked up immediately, she greeted Michael who didn’t even respond to her greetings and sat down on the edge of the couch where paschal lay

What are you doing here? Michael asked

Calm down Michael, Kiara is yours… She said

And who is Kiara? He asked again

Your daughter,I know Sandra still loves you but she doesn’t want to have anything to do with you because Edozie lied to her,he told her that you’re married.. Khloe said

Married to who? Wait, Edozie told Sandra that I am married? Can you imagine that paschal? Michael shouted

Calm down please,I’ll help you get Sandra and Kiara back but on one condition.. Khloe said

What condition? Even if I don’t get Sandra back I want my daughter, she is mine… Michael replied going to the fridge to get something

You will have to stay away from Sandra and Edozie for the main time then I can carry out my plans.. She said

What plans? Paschal asked stretching his legs

Don’t worry, persuade your friend to stay away from Sandra and Edozie for the main time please,I’ll be on my way.. she replied standing up

Wait Khloe, what plans? Michael asked

Told you not to bother besides Edozie has been sleeping and giving me abortion pills to take,I’ll handle everything my own way…

Edozie has been sleeping with you? Michael your friend is really a dog.. Paschal said laughing

He is also your friend, Edozie isn’t a good person.. Michael replied

Khloe opened the door and left


I know you still love Michael but I need to tell you the truth.. Khloe told Sandra who was cleaning the wet dinning table

What truth Khloe? Please I’m busy and I don’t need those lies of yours …

Michael is not married Sandra, Edozie has been lying to you all these while,I have a plan Sandra.. Khloe said

Michael isn’t married? How did you find out? Sandra asked

Sandra if you really want to know if Edozie loves you then join me and plan what I am going to tell you now.. Khloe said

Khloe went closer to her and whispered something to her, Sandra thought for a while and nooded affirmatively

Edozie is a liar Sandra,you will get to know all these by the time we carry out our plan.. Khloe told her going upstairs

To Be Continued 🤗

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