She is mine episode 4


Chapter 4

You slept with my woman Edozie? Michael shouted scattering everything on the table

Don’t point fingers at me please,I slept with her and so what Michael?

Ain’t you ashamed of yourself Edozie? My woman, God!

“You denied the pregnancy and even sent her out of this house, she doesn’t belong to you anymore Michael so get your ass out of the way.. Edozie told him and went to his room

Michael bit his finger and sat down,he tried dailing Sandra’s number but wasn’t reachable
He threw his phone with full force and ran upstairs

Sandra and Khloe furnished their room to their taste with the help of Edozie who got so many furnitures for them
Edozie gave Sandra some money for her upkeep and left

Are you dating him? Khloe asked immediately Edozie left

Something close to that.. she replied picking the nails

Something close to that Sandra, you can’t date Edozie please don’t even try it.. Khloe shouted at the top of her voice

Khloe calm down,I know what I am doing okay,I’m not a kid please calm down.. Sandra said

Michael complained to me that Edozie took you to a hotel and even slept with you, Sandra ain’t you ashamed of yourself? You slept with Edozie!!

Khloe! Sandra called

Don’t call me please, you’re just annoying.. Khloe replied and left the room

Sandra opened her purse and brought out her ringing phone, she declined the call immediately she saw Michael’s name displaying on the screen
She unlocked her phone and dailed Edozie’s number, meanwhile Edozie was in the parlour discussing with his friends about him getting a wife when Sandra’s call came in
Edozie hesitated to pick the call,he kept on looking at his friends

Take the call Sir.. Michael told him

I can’t,I’ll talk to her later.. Edozie responded switching off his phone

Pascal you see what I’ve been complaining about, Edozie is dating Sandra behind my back, Edozie is dating the mother of my unborn child, can you imagine that paschal, Edozie you’re getting on my nerves day by day…. Michael ranted pulling off his trouser

I don’t even understand you Michael,you denied the pregnancy what else do you want from her, she has moved on with her life.. Paschal said rubbing his palm

What are you talking about Paschal? Something has gotten over those naughty brain of yours right? Michael barked

Edozie stood up and left the parlour,he went to his room and called Sandra
He explained why he didn’t take her calls,he asked her for her hand in marriage over the phone and she accepted without thinking twice

Khloe on the other hand was trying to avoid Sandra but couldn’t she made up her mind to convince her not to marry Edozie

I want my child to have a father Khloe… Sandra said after Khloe was done with her unending sermon

Sandra listen to me, Edozie doesn’t love you..he is not what he claims to be.. Khloe advised

Khloe I’ll soon put to bed and my child needs a father,I don’t want to continue staying here with you ooo,in this one room apartment..

Khloe looked at her from head to toe and sighed gulping down a cup of water

I won’t advice you anymore Sandra,do whatever you like.. Khloe said and closed her eyes to sleep

You will still enjoy ooo, when I’ll start spending on you now you won’t have the mouth to advise me again ooo.. Sandra whispered to her

Khloe covered her ears with the pillow and warned Sandra to stop talking to her

Edozie paid Sandra’s bride price and took her to the alter,he relocated with his new wife to Abuja so that Michael won’t be able to find them
Khloe decided to join them so as to start a new life over there,at first her mum was happy but her face suddenly turned sour when she asked her daughter who she was going to stay with

Sandra of course! Khloe said packing her clothes

Won’t she maltreat you? Clara asked placing her palm on her daughter’s head

Sandra is my sister, she won’t do such mum.. beside I’m going there to make money,I’m not going there to sit and watch them struggle to feed themselves and I,I’ll have something doing mum,I’m not a kid.. Khloe said

They’re waiting for you outside.. Her dad said raising the curtain up

I’ll join them in a jiffy dad.. she replied and stood up from the bed

To Be Continued 🤗

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