Shades Of My Past episode 7



Anita realized that it was her mouth that made her matters get worst. If only she had told her husband same night without warning Leonard first, he wouldn’t have gotten the chance to seduce her in the first place.

If she had also kept her mouth shut without being overconfident and going to warn Leonard about telling her husband as her Sister Ify also adviced. She wouldn’t have ended up on his bed.

If only she knew….

Leonard can’t have the courage to show those videos to Felix her husband because he will be scared of being kicked out immediately. She really didn’t think all these through. It happened so fast Anita thought as she kept scrolling and looking for Susan’s number with tears in her eyes.

She couldn’t find it.. then she remembered she registered the number with Daisy, that was Susan’s nick name. She dialed the number and it went through.

Susan picked the call immediately like she was holding her phone and expecting her call..

Susan : Hello Anita… Good afternoon

Anita : Hello Susan. Good afternoon to you too

Susan: longest time oh , How is the married woman doing?

Anita : I’m not okay Susan, I won’t lie to you.

Susan : What is the matter, and why is your voice not clear? Are you going through domestic violence?

Anita : No no far from that. That my ex Leonard is back again into my life…

Susan : That stupid boy that broke your heart? How ?
Since when? Where? I thought you’re married?

Anita : it’s a long story. I just want you to take me to where you suggested for me before. I need to deal with him. I’ll fill you in later.

Susan: okay , okay. Just be careful okay. I’ll book an appointment tomorrow with the dibia ( Native doctor) so be prepared, I’ll call you so we can go together.

Anita: Thanks alot, I never knew you’ll stand by me.

Susan: You we welcome. Just be ready for tomorrow.

They hung up and this time Anita decided to seal her lips. She wasn’t going to tell anyone anything. All she wants to do now is to hurt Leonard so bad for everything he’s done to her..

She went to the kitchen and made dinner for everyone.

When Felix came back, she changed her mood immediately and pretended to be happy. Even Leonard didn’t expect that from Anita. He thought she will be looking sad and guilty, but the opposite was the case. Something is not right with Anita Leonard thought.

No matter what she has up her sleeves. She can actually do nothing, or maybe she is still in love with him and was just pretending.

They had their dinner and kept laughing and chitchatting on the dinning table. After meal, Anita cleared the table and retired to her room with her husband.


Yes Babe Felix answered holding Anita,
Do you have any secrets you’re hiding from me she asked?

Felix surprised by the question paused a while.

No Babe! There is no secret…

But why will you ask such a question ?

Nothing Anita said smiling, I saw a movie of a husband keeping secrets from his wife.

I just asked to confirm if mine is keeping any secrets from me.

No secrets Felix reassured and cuddled Anita.
Felix pretended to be sleeping but his thoughts kept on pacing around.

Why will Anita ask him such a question?

Did she find something ?
What made her talk about secrets?

What did Leonard tell Anita???
I really need to talk to Leonard Tomorrow!!
If he told her, I’ll literally kill him.

Anita too couldn’t find sleep, she kept on thinking about her journey tomorrow with Susan. Oh she is really going to deal with Leonard. He has tormented her enough.

They both lay with their thoughts till the sweet arms of sleep carried them off!!

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