Seeking The Truth episode 6

Seeking The Truth

Episode 6

Final Episode

She finally looked at me and said, “Princess, I’m very sorry. I love you so much and didn’t want to lose you.”

I had to send people to take the mad woman away from your sight so that she wouldn’t take my place.

I didn’t have any plans to hurt her, I was just scared. She bowed her head for a minute, then continued.

I’m sorry, princess. Your dad always wanted a baby girl as his first child.

When I got pregnant, he kept praying that it should be a girl.

We both went for scan, and the doctor confirmed it was a girl .

I was very happy that I will finally fulfill his wish of finally having a girl child.

He was extremely happy and this made me pray for safe delivery so that he will stay happy.

On the delivery day, your dad dropped me off at the hospital. He was so excited that he will finally meet our baby.

He had to stay with my in the hospital until a call came in that he was urgently needed at the office.

He went to the office, and I stayed in the hospital with your aunt until she left to pick up her kids from school. Uche went with her.

Unfortunately I lost the baby,I didn’t know what to do or what to tell your dad

I had already pictured how broken he will be if he finds out.

He called and asked about the baby and I told him the baby was fine, it broke me.

The mad woman gave birth the previous day,I heard it from the people living in our street, before I went to the hospital.

That was the only thing on my mind in the hospital, taking away the child of the woman.

I felt it would bring some relief to the trauma I was going through..

I had to send some people to take her baby.

I had also imagined how the woman will take care of you and you were just a beautiful baby always smiling, you brought so much joy to us.

I hid it from everyone, I told your aunt recently I didn’t know Uche heard when I said it.

your aunt left to take care of her children before I gave birth, she didn’t know I lost the child and the one she saw the next day wasn’t mine.

I also felt your mother will not be able to take care of you that is also why I took you away from her.

I named you Bella, because you were so beautiful.

Your aunt helped me to process the adoption document because according to her “your people might want to claim you in future.”

Your father didn’t know about this and I was supposed to keep it a secret forever, because I felt he wouldn’t support my decision.

She went on her knees where dad was sitted, I’m sorry my love, she said.

Dad didn’t let her finish he got up, filled with rage he said ” you shouldn’t have done that.

” I was desperate, mom retorted, I had always wanted to make you happy”.

She went on her knees and pleaded.

“The deed has been done, but keeping such secret away from me is the height of it. it’s fine I have forgiven you”.dad said.

“I won’t forgive you”, I said. I’m leaving this house, dad please take me to my real mom, I want to stay with her”.

Mom cried but I didn’t listen, I went to my room, packed a few of my clothes and left with dad.

Dad took me to my real mom,in the car he said ” Princess are you sure about this?”.

I nodded in affirmation , ok then, he said, but when you need anything just ask and you will get it.

When we got there, my real mom has fully recovered I hugged her tightly.

Dad took care of her hospital bills and had rented an apartment for her where we both stayed.

Although the apartment was small, I manage to stay In order to teach mom a lesson for lying to me.

I went to school from there, my real mom was accommodating, but then the whole anger subsided.

I realized I missed my mom so much, I missed Uche and dad too.

I told my real mom about this, she said I could go back home whenever I wanted after all there were my family too.

I was excited that she could understand. I loved her too but I loved my mom more.

I had to pay a visit to the house the next day.

I saw mom first at the gate, she wanted going out with her car, she rushed out and hugged me.

” I’m sorry Princess, she said ” I have forgiven you mom, I responded.

Uche came rushing as he hugged me too.

” I heard you are now with your real mom, how is she treating you, does she give you cookies?”

He asked as I smiled. “I’m coming back home”, I finally said. “Wow”, my mom screamed with joy as she hugged me.

“When are you coming home Princess?”, she asked, come with me and get my things.

but on one condition, that my second mom can visit me anytime she wants and I can do same”.

I said ” anything you want princess, I will do anything just for you to stay with me, I really missed you”.

She replied. We went over to my real mother’s house to pack my things, my real mom was ok with me going home after mom talked to her.

I and mom packed my clothes and left. I still visited my mom often.

I and Uche spent the weekends at my real Mom’s place, she is always very excited to see us.

she prepares our delicious dishes when ever we visit her.

I had to reassure my mom that nobody will take her place, I was living my best life

I had two mothers who loved me unconditionally .

The End

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