Seeking The Truth episode 3

Seeking The Truth

Episode 3

I lay on my bed when a thought struck me:
“Why didn’t I think of this before?”

I decided to search Mom’s favorite hiding spot, her old suitcase.

She had refused throwing it away and she hid a lot of things inside there and daddy doesn’t even know about it.

She has been sending me to get things from there when dad isn’t around

and she hid it in a big cupboard close to the wall.

I opened the bag and searched through it,

then stumbled on an adoption confirmation with my name boldly written on it “Bella Andrew”.

I shivered and the paper fell on my hands.

“Could it be that… no I don’t want to believe it”. I had said

I went back to my room crying.

When Mom,Uche and dad came back,I continued with my acting.

luckily Uche forgot about his cookies,

maybe someone got him upset in school but he didn’t talk to me throughout the day.

The next morning I got up from bed acting strong,and was ready to go to school.

But I had cried myself to sleep the night before and developed an eye bag.

When mom saw me, she asked “my princess, have you been crying?”,

I shook my head in disapproval,

” I stayed up late to do my assignment as I wasn’t fit to do it in the morning and afternoon”.

I replied, I felt bad for lying.

Mom has always told us to say the truth always no matter the situation, but this one was beyond me.

I prayed a silence prayer for forgiveness as I lied and I didn’t want to inherit hell like mom usually says.

I knew she was suspicious of me, but she said,

“come princess your dad will take you and your brother to school.

“I’m running late,” she said as she entered her car and drove off, while dad took us to school.

After dad dropped us off at school, I went to see the “m’ad woman.”

When she saw me she called me a name “Jane”,my heart skipped.

My daughter,where have you been?

“I have been searching everywhere for you”,

she had said.

I was so confused,I ran to the class and sat in a corner crying.

questions keep running through my mind.

“Is she my mother? If she is who is the woman I call mother?

Why does she call me another name?

Why is she ma.d?
Why will my mom be ma.d? “

My friends tried to console me but it was all in vain.

I cried so much that my teacher noticed and asked what was wrong.

I told her, but even she couldn’t believe it.

The bullies in class started mocking me, they said I was a daughter of a ma.d woman.

I couldn’t stop crying until my teacher had to pick up her phone and called my Mom.

Mom came later and picked me,I didn’t talk to her till we got home.

When we got home,I went inside my room and locked the door.

Mom begged me to open the door.

“Who is Jane? I had asked”

“Princess come out,I will tell you everything,she said.”

when I came out of my room,Mom held me and hugged me.

She sat me down and explained how the lady tried to abdu‘ct me when I was younger,I didn’t believe that.

But I had to act like I did.

The next day, mom withdrew me from school and took me to a new one.

She woke me up, I got ready, and she took me to a different school to enroll me there.

Thessycute Ekene

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