Red Flags episode 5



My phone alarm woke me up from my sleep and I was so surprised I slept off on the couch all through the night. I checked the time clock on my phone and it was 5:30 am I got up from the couch and went into my room, I pull off my dress I wore the previous day, and went into the bathroom to take my bath. After I was done bathing, I observe my morning solat and get dressed for work. I am not an early eater likewise my mum so I prepared a tea for both of us with two slices of bread. I left my mum’s own on the dining table because she used to take a lot of time when observing her solat.

After I was done with my breakfast , I headed to my mum’s room to inform her that am going to work and I heard her praying silently on her praying mat that :” God, please open Anisha’s eyes so she can see Gabriel is the right man for her “. I smiled and shook my head at her tactics because I knew for sure she intentionally said that when she heard my footsteps. I greeted her “Good morning” and inform her am going to work, she stood up from her praying mat and shower me with prayers as she normally does every morning and trusts her, Gabriel name was included in the prayer this time around.

After she was done praying for me, she sat down on her praying mat and continue reciting her prayer using rosary and I take that as an excuse to leave. I headed to the door entrance with my handbag hang around my shoulder and left. I got to work around 7:10 am and headed to my office after I marked my attendance at the security office. I went into my office and dropped my bag on my table as I arranged the files on them. Bimpe has not arrived yet so I help her in arranging the scattered files on her table and clean her seat which was dusty due to the dust when the cleaner was sweeping our office.

I was on my seat strolling through my Facebook newsfeed when Bimpe came in. She was so excited to see me, I stood up and hugged her as we exchanged pleasantries. She dropped her bag on her table with her lunch box and came back to my table and I knew what she is about to ask me.

“Babe, how was your date ?” She asked me with a grin on her face as she sat on my table.

” It was fine ” I replied her back nonchalantly and she gave me the look of ” what’s is that reply for” as the grin on her face disappeared.

” Please don’t tell me you got stood up on your date?” She asked expressing her concern.

” Not at all babe, it would have been better if I was stood up on my date than what I encountered” I replied.

” Stop beating around the bush and tell me what happened Anisha. You are putting me in a suspense already ” she told me and I sighed heavily as I narrated everything that happened on my date to her and she looked at me with her mouth agape in shock. I can’t believe this at all, that’s too much on a first date for crying out loud . What are you going to do now ?” She asked me.

” I honestly don’t know Bimpe, I am confused right now. His mother will be the dictatorship of our marriage if I eventually married him. I had to switch off my cell phone yesterday because I don’t want to talk to him. Who knows the type of questions his mother will ask him to ask me this time around. I don’t know what to do right now. I have come to learn something that the little sign you ignore at the beginning of your relationship will be the big issue of your marriage. I have heard a lot of bad tales about Mama’s boy and that alone scares me. What should I do Bimpe? My mom is on my neck already that I had to marry him but I don’t want to make the same mistake she made. My mom got married twice and those two marriage didn’t work out that she ended up being a single mother of one. My dad was a chronic drunker and that was what attracts my mum to him in the first place and that was also the cause of their failed marriage.

The second one was not something to talk about because it was only his manhood that classifies him as a man if not his qualities are full of the female species. He talks too much, keeps malice, doesn’t take responsibility for his wife because he is very lazy to work. All he knows how to do is to wake up early in the morning and sit down in the living room watching TV. My mum plays the role of a husband while he plays the role of a wife perfectly. When my mom realized she only married herself in the marriage, she had to divorce him.

My mother decided to raise me alone and removed the agenda of getting married again When her family members even urge her to find a man so she can at least give me two or one siblings so I won’t be the only one she had for my Dad . My mom refused saying she can’t give birth to children she couldn’t afford to cater for. Bimpe, these are my fears when it comes to marriage. I don’t want to get married and ended up divorcing in the next three months of the marriage. Marriage is easy to rush in but to rush out comes with a lot of ordeals.

Society has made us believe marriage is an achievement for we women. Being married is not an achievement. However, it may be for those who’ve been able to marry after overcoming several tackles, opposition, and hardships. Yes, that can be an accomplishment. … Staying married, and staying happy in it, is the real achievement. I also know time is not by my side again but I want to get married once in my life and I don’t want history to repeat itself on me ” I told Bimpe with tears swelling in my eyes.

Bimpe got down from the table and walked close to me as she gave me a bear hug. This is the first time you open up to me after four years of being your best friend and I can understand where you are coming from but Anisha, have you pray about it Bimpe asked me. You know sometimes…….she was cut short by our MD assistance who came into our office to inform us that an impromptu meeting is held immediately in the board room with the MDs and staff. We had to postpone our discussion to another time as we both hurriedly took our files and head to the board room.

The meeting ended so late around 8pm and everyone were so tired that we had to bid each other goodnight as we all went to pick up our handbags and lunch bags from our office tiredly and headed out of the company. I got out of the company with Bimpe and greeted her husband kola who came to pick her up . Kola and his wife (Bimpe) offered to give me a ride home but I declined them politely because I knew I would inconvenience them since their route was far from mine.

They insisted on giving me a ride but I told them not to worry that I would also take a cab and they gave up when they noticed my mind was made up. Bimpe bid me good night saying we will continue our conversation tomorrow and I nodded my head with a smile on my face as her husband skillfully maneuvered the car out of the company premises. I walked a little bit to the junction where I can get a cab home but it was as if all the cab decided to go on a strike because there was no one walking on the road. I started regretting turning down Bimpe and her husband’s offer because have been standing at the junction for the past one hour now.

I saw a car coming from afar and I waved my hand to flag it down. The car stopped when it reached my side and I was about to tell the person to please give me a lift when the car glass was whined down and I came face to face with Gabriel and his mother. I greeted them with a fake smile plastered on my face and his mom asked me what I was doing at the junction by this time of the day after scanning me from up to down.

“I am just coming from work Ma ” I replied her .

” Oh, okay. Come in please ” she told me and I thanked her as I opened the backseat door and get inside. Gabriel blow me a kiss when I was seated in the car through the rear mirror as he started the car. Everyone was silent during the drive until Gabriel breaks the silent

“Anisha, what happened to your phone? I have been trying your number since yesterday but it was switched off. I wanted to come and check up on you at work because I was so worried I wasn’t able to reach you. I hope you are alright? He asked me with concern as his face was glued to the road.

“My phone dropped into the bathtub yesterday when I was taking my shower so I had to switched it off to dry it ” I replied him with a smile as that was the only lie I could come up with.

” Oh, I thought ….he was cut short by his mom who faced me and said:” Do you take your phone with you to the bathroom anytime you are taking your bath ?”.

” No ma, I only took it to the bathroom yesterday because I was receiving a call from a friend” I replied her .

” Which kind of friend?” She asked me.

” My colleague, Ma ” I replied.

” Male or female ?” She asked me again.

I was getting tired of her questions because I am not yet married to her son so why all this question. Just to spite her I said:” A male Ma “.

” So why do you have to….she was cut short by her son who said:” Mum, give this girl a breathing space now. She already told us the reason why her phone fell into the water. What’s it with the question. It’s is none of our concern who she speaks with” Gabriel told his mother and I was so surprised at his response.

“Gabriel, do you just raised your voice at me now ?” His mum asked him angrily.

” Mum, I didn’t raise my voice at you. I just felt like the question you are asking here is too personal since she is not yet married to me and am not officially her boyfriend yet ” Gabriel replied his mother in a calm voice.

” Oh, really, has it come to that Gabriel that I no longer have a say in your life again right? You haven’t married her and you are already disgracing me in front of her, what if you now marry her? I am sure you will beat me up for her right? ” His mother asked him in a raised tone and I don’t know if I should interfere or not.

“Mum, you are taking this too personal. I was just trying to tell you not to ask her any questions because we don’t have the right to unless she is married to me ” Gabriel replied politely.

” Stop the car,” his mum told him angrily.

” Mum, what are you trying to do? We are in the middle of the road na ” Gabriel answered her with his face still glued to the road.

” Gabriel, I said you should stop the car right now if you don’t want me to open it on speed,” his mom told him angrily.

” Mum, what’s wrong with you ? he asked his mom.

” I will find a cab to take me home since a mere girlfriend is more important to you than me your mother. Gabriel, stop the car right now because I won’t repeat myself ” his mother said in a raised voice.

I tried to interfere and said:” Mummy, please don’t be annoyed at ….but I was cut short by her angrily as she said:” Shut up, my friend. Who is your Mummy and who told you to interfere in our family matters? Stop trying to act saint because you are the cause of what’s happening” she replied me and I shut my mouth immediately.

” Gabriel, if truly I am your mother is either you stop this car right now or you get to buried my body tonight,” his mum said threateningly.

” Mum, why are you doing like this na? What has come over you for goodness sake ” he asked his mom angrily as he continues driving.

“What has come over me abi? I will show you what has come over me then ” his mum told him and suddenly starts dragging the steering with him. Gabriel and I keep shouting as he tried to hold back the steering but his mom was adamant about getting us involve in an accident.

” God, please save me ” I quickly said a short prayer as the son and mother keeps dragging the steering with each other.


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