Red Flags episode 4



Gabriel was the first person to call me in the morning telling me how excited he was about our date. He told he had made a reservations for us in a fancy restaurant not too far from my place of work and I was grateful for his consideration. We talked for a while about how we can’t wait to see each other after work before we hang up. I told my mom on my way to work that I will be coming home late tonight because am going on a date with Gabriel and she was so happy that she even told me to take my time. I gave her Gabriel’s phone number and the address of the restaurant In case of emergency so she can know where to find me.

I got to work and Bimpe couldn’t let me rest about how excited she was for me going on a date with Gabriel. I gave her too Gabriel’s phone number and the restaurant address because I have learned to be cautious in what someone does especially when you are going on a date with someone for the first time. All-day Gabriel was texting me about how excited he was, how much he had missed me, how badly he can’t wait to see my beautiful face, etc. and I kept blushing all through because he sure knows how to make a lady feel special. I keep looking at the wall clock in my office every time because I couldn’t wait to see Gabriel and it seems the day decided to go slow because of me.

“This one you are checking the clock every time, I am sure you can’t wait to meet this your Gabriel Bobo,” Bimpe told me teasingly and I smiled.

” You won’t understand Bimpe, I have never been this anxious when going on a date with anyone like this not even when Suleiman and I were dating. I just hope our date turns out well because this guy is already making me feel on top of the world” I told Bimpe.

” It will turn out well Ore mi (My friend), stop stressing yourselves about it. I can’t wait to be among the Asoebi ladies at you guys’ wedding. GAAN 2021 all the way ” Bimpe stated and we both laughed over it as we buried ourselves into work.

Gabriel texted me an hour to my closing time at work that he is so sorry he won’t be able to pick me up because something came up at work but will be at the restaurant at our exact time (8:00 pm). He begged me to please take a cab to the restaurant that he already made a reservation under our names and I told him not to worry because I understand how their work can be sometimes since he is a medical doctor. He thanked me for my understanding and hang up after assuring me he will be there very soon too.

I went into the lady’s restroom in my office after closing hour and change into the royal blue dress Bimpe bought for me which was just below my knees showing all my curves in the right place and I am sure I am going to turn Gabriel’s head with what am wearing. I already had my nails and hair done a day before our date so I just put on a little bit of makeup to make me look natural. Bimpe had already gone home immediately we closed for the day since she was now a married woman. I waited for some time after dressing up since I still have an hour to my date. When it was 7:35 pm, I was already in the cab I ordered on my way to the restaurant.

I got to the restaurant ten minutes early for our date because I didn’t want to leave a bad impression of coming late on my first date with him. I was lead to our reservation by the waitress and I thanked her as I sat down waiting for my date. The waitress asked me if I would love to take something before my date arrives but I politely tell her not to worry with a smile that I am okay. I was looking around at people who were busy chatting and eating with their date or families as I kept checking my wristwatch waiting for my date. I called Gabriel when he was 20 minutes late but he didn’t pick up so I figured out maybe he was already on his way which was why he didn’t want to pick up my calls.

Then 25. Then 30. When it hit 35 minutes, I was already giving up because I had already texted and call Gabriel several times but there was no response from him even the people who met me there had already gone home. I was so sad because this wasn’t how I expected my date to turn out to be. I had already made up my mind to go home when Gabriel walked in and pat me on my back as he sat down with no apologies.

I sat down with a fake smile and tried to ignore him for not apologizing for his lateness. As if that was enough, Gabriel picks his phone immediately he was in his seat and took a picture of me without my permission and said:” My mum will love to see your beautiful face”. I just smiled at him despite how I was boiling inside. He spent another 10 minutes chatting with his mom and laughing ignoring me as if I was not in my seat. He dropped his phone after that and called the waitress to take our order. He asked me what I would love to take and I told him anything. He was about to tell the waitress our order when a call came through on his phone displaying “My mum”.

He picked it up immediately and put it on the loudspeaker and I heard his mom asking him if he had ordered something for both of us and he said No.

” Gabriel, it will be better if you ordered just meat pie and fruit juice for you guys,” his mom told him.

” Your wish is my command Mom,” he told his mom with one stupid smile glued to his face as he told the waitress to get us meat pies and one glass of fruit juice each before he hangs up.

The waitress left to get our order and I was about to start a conversation with him when he brought out a note and said:” My mum said I should ask you the following questions:

i. Why did you break up with your former boyfriend?

ii. What’s your ideal type of perfect man?

iii. What’s your favorite food?

iv. How long can you last in bed?

v. What is your sex position?

vi. Is your mom a single mom or married?

vii. What’s your state of Origin?…….

He kept asking those stupid questions and I tried my possible best to answer him despite how angry I am and he keeps forwarding my answers to his mom in his phone. It got to a stage I started feeling like I was been interrogated by both mother and son because his mom did a video call with me asking me all sorts of personal questions and I noticed Gabriel can’t decide on his own without his mum’s opinion. This man is 35yrs old for Christ’s sake but he still acts like a ten-year-old to me while talking to his mom.

I could not even touch my food because his mum didn’t give me a chance to eat at all. she keeps bombarding me with questions and I concluded I didn’t go on a date with Gabriel but with his mom. Anytime I looked at Gabriel for an escape route from his mother his response are always ” My mum is very important to me and whatever she says is final”. I later got to know it was his mother’s idea that he should come late for our first date to test my patient (scoffs).

Our date ended after series of questions from his mum with my food left untouched. Gabriel insisted he drop me home but I refused telling him I can find my way home because my patient mode was just 1 percent and I didn’t want to unleash the anger i have been trying to suppress inside of me . He had no choice but to give up since he noticed my mind was already made up.

I took a cab home and met my mum in the living room waiting for me. She asked me immediately I entered how my date was and I told her ” This is my worse date ever” as I flopped down on the couch tiredly. My mum was shocked at my response so she asked me what happened and I explained everything to her leaving no stone unturned.

” I am blocking and deleting his number off right now. I hate when a man can’t make his own decisions without his mum’s consent. That’s a Mama’s boy Mummy ” I told my mom.

” Don’t block him o, this shows he is a serious man and that is how he is going to treat you once you guys are married ” My mum replied me and I was shocked at her response.

” Treat me as how, Mom? do you even understand what I told you happened on our date at all? I don’t think I can be in a relationship with that type of guy o. This one will have to seek consent from his mother to make love to me if care is not taken. He was even late on our first date and he could not even apologize for his lateness……. I was cut short by my mum who said:” Maybe it slipped his mind “.

“Slipped his mind? Why do you making an excuses for him and his mom ” I asked my mom angrily.

” Because I want you to get married on time Anisha, there’s no Mr. Perfect or Mr. Right anywhere, you just have to take the one in your left and make it perfect. What is the assurance that if you leave Gabriel, the other person you see won’t be worse than him or even Suleiman? Gabriel is still manageable for me, at least he is honest from the start and a man who treats his mother like a queen will surely treat his wife as his second God. He will change once you guys get married and you can’t judge him by what happened on your first date, what if he was just trying to confirm he made the right choice by letting his mother speak to you. Don’t leave him o, my mind is telling me that’s your husband “.

” Mum, I can’t date him talk less of marrying him. Mama’s boy, God forbid” I told my mom angrily.

” If truly am your mom, you will marry that guy because I can see a better future with him for you. Is it when you clock 50yrs that you will settle down? You know I have never told you or force you to date someone before so you should know I see something that is why I am adamant about this particular guy. You are getting married to Gabriel and that’s final unless you want to bury me before my time. This one is not good. this one is this. this one is that. When will you see the perfect man? Radarada ( Nonsense) ” My mom said and went into her room angrily leaving me in the living room.

“I sighed heavily because I don’t know if listening to my mom is the right decision for me or not, ” I thought to myself as I drifted off to sleep on the couch.


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