Red Flags episode 18



My phone dropped from my hand immediately the man broke that terrible news to me. I was literally shaking that I had to quickly park my car beside the road to avoid been involved in an accident. I picked up my phone with tears streaming down my eyes and redialed my mum’s number and the same man picked it up again. “Please where is she taken to ?” I asked him trying to control my tears.

” She is has been taken to Lasuth hospital right now” The man replied to me. I thanked him and quickly fire my car engine and heads to Airport. Thankfully, I was able to get a ticket so my flight was ready to take off by 5 pm. I didn’t get myself again all through because I was just praying to God to spare my mum’s life. She is the only one I have and I can’t afford to lose her. We were called on board by 4:38 pm and after passing through all the protocols at the airport we were finally inside the plane. I know I have never prayed to God for anything but that day, I cried on the plane and prayed with all my heart and soul that God should spare my mum’s life.

I dozed off after some mintues and I had a bad dream that immediately I got to the hospital, the doctor pronounced my mum Dead. I woke up sweating profusely and started praying again that if God should spare my mum’s life, I am ready to worship him with my whole life. Our plane landed safely after one hour fifteen minutes. I quickly board a car and head to the hospital.

I paid the cab driver immediately he stops the car engine in front of the hospital. I alighted down and rushed into the hospital and redialed my mum’s number The man picked my call and told me he is behind me and he is just in his twenties if I could guess right. I rushed at him and thanked him for calling me. He handed my mum’s phone to me and told me she’s in the emergency room. I sat on the chair at the reception with the man wailing and crying my eyes out while the man tried to calm me down that nothing is going to happen to her.

After what seems like two hours, the doctor came out of the emergency room and we both rushed at him. I asked him about my mum’s welfare and he said:” I have never seen that kind of miracle in my life before. Your mum had internal bleeding in her brain and we were unable to stop the blood but suddenly the bleeding stops gradually on its own. She should be okay after spending two weeks here under our inspection to see if the bleeding doesn’t reoccur again ” Said the doctor.

” Can I see her right now?” I asked the Doctor.

” Of course, you can. She has been wheeled to another ward just make sure you don’t wake her up ” The doctor replied me and I thanked him before he excused himself.

I went to the counter to foot my mum’s hospital bill and made sure to give the young man twenty thousand nairas though he refused it at first but I told him to collect it from me that it was just a way of me showing my appreciation to him. He thanked me and left after checking up on my mum in the ward. I stayed with my mum all through her stay in the hospital. I only went out to get some new clothes for both of us and my diapers.

After two weeks, my mum was now hale and hearty and I keep thanking God for his mercy over us. My mum and I both heads to Abuja the following week after her discharge from the hospital and we headed to the Sheu place immediately after our plane lands in Abuja. We got to the sheu place and were ushered in by the same man I met earlier when I came with Stella. We greeted the Sheu by bending our knees a little bit and he acknowledged our greetings and told us to have our seats.

The Sheu heave a sigh of relief after seeing my mom’s head wrapped with a bandage and said:” God loves you and your daughter because what the devil has in store for you was so dangerous. Firstly, you guys are not closer to God at all that was why you keep experiencing all sorts of problems. Assuming you are closer to God, your husband wouldn’t have left you with your child because your marriage with your husband was supposed to be an everlasting one. Your mother prayed for you that was why you were even able to give birth to one child but you didn’t pray for your daughter and ask God’s direction in her life that’s why her own seems to be much.

I have seen a lot of people who only believe in seeking their pastors, Alfas or traditionalists when they encountered any little problem in their life likewise they can solve this problem they are facing by just praying to God in one corner of their room instead they took these pastors, Alfas, and traditionalist as semi God. Who are these people going to call? Is it not the same God? Your daughter’s problem would have been solve with prayer assuming you guys are closer to God before it escalated to this stage. You are not supposed to be alive but your daughter prayer and tears were what touched God that made him reserve your life because he wants you to know he has never left you despite how distant you are to him ” The Sheu told us and my mom and I both had tears on our face.

“This problem your daughter is facing comes from your family which is a generational curse that needs serious prayer and fasting but instead of you to look at where the problem is coming from, you are busy chasing clouds, because you are not observant. How will all the men she has encountered in her life always have one or the other problem (Red flags) that can’t be ignored? Are you going to say there are not good men outside again? The Sheu asked us.

You have never sought God’s directions before taking any steps and that is why the devil was able to come into your lives and destroy the beautiful plans God has for the both of you. The Red flags your daughter was facing in every one of her relationships are just hindrances so she won’t settle down or have a man to call her own talkless of having a child of her own for the rest of her life. This would have continue if you guys didn’t seek help in the right place . When the devil sees you are trying hard, it had to devise another plan which is the result of your daughter’s bleeding. I would love you both to move closer to God from now on because there’s nothing he can’t solve.

This generational curse has been happening from all the past generation to yours. “Didn’t you notice that none of the women in your family are married? They are either barren or with one child as a single mother?” The Sheu asked my mom and she nodded her in accordance as tears streamed down her eyes while I was sobbing quietly. Your forefathers have offended someone in their past and they have laid a curse on them which was passed from generation to generation and so bad none of this generation were able to seek God instead they keep chasing shadow. You and your daughter should be grateful that the generational curse that has been passed down from one generation to generation will end and be solved in your own generation.

This time my mum and I were already wailing because the Sheu words touched our hearts and souls. We went on our knees and told the Sheu to save us.

“Don’t worry, we will call unto God and I know he will answer our prayers. You and your daughter will need to engage in seven days of fasting and prayers while I and the other clerics here will also participate in it and be assisting you with prayer here and I know by the end of these seven days of fasting and praying, you will both have a cause to glorify God. When it’s the seventh day, you and your daughter should come here so we can all pray together and do the deliverance for both of you.

Please during the fasting and prayer, do not fight with anybody. The devil is going to test you but God is going to take control”.

My mum and I both thanked the Sheu with tears spilling down our faces. I tried to give him money but he declined it and said ” I should use it to support the house of God “. We thanked him countless times without a number before we take our leave and start the fasting and prayer the following day.


The Sheu made sure to call us every day to bless us and pray for us over the phone as the fasting and prayer commence. My mum started observing her five daily prayers because I can’t due to the bleeding but I made sure to keep praying . We made sure to hold our hands in the midnight praying to God with tears streaming down our faces that any generational curse on us should be destroyed. Note ( pray right now that any generational curse either from your mother’s side or father’s side that is preventing you from carrying your own child, having that dream job , having your own partner, excelling in all your endeavors should be destroyed this minute).

It was the third day of our prayer and fasting when my gateman told me we had visitors. I came out and met Bode and two elders (A man and a woman). I was about to ask him what is the August visit about when the woman ( in her early fifties) that came with him rushed at me and gave me a resounding slap.

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